– Classics –


Regimental color, discipline, energy and humor.
A personal favourite of Tim’s, our Drum collection features carefully handcrafted replicas of regimental drums used by the British Army, dating back to 1855, when the role of the drummer boy was born as a vital part of battlefield communications.

Signaling different commands, the drum became an important part of battle victories indicating movement of the opponent and direction for the attack.
A notable hero from the 19th century is marked in the pages of history as an unnamed British drummer boy who led the attack on the Russians in the Crimean War.

He caught hold of his opponent and beat him silly “in truly British fashion” until he surrendered. Marking the significance of the drum and the drummer boy in future battles around the world.
A century later the drum would play a key role in history when a 9 year old boy ran away from home to join the American Civil War.

Despite multiple rejections from different regiments, John Lincoln Clem, whose steadfast beliefs and passion resonate with us, was eventually accepted into the Union Army as a mascot.
From battle cries to rock-n-roll, the drum is the world’s oldest and omnipresent musical instrument. Transitioning through the ages, the life of the drum has evolved from a tool of declaration to a piece of lasting inspiration.

He quickly won over his peers and superiors to become the youngest non-commissioned officer in army history.
A young boy who lived free of rules become famous for his bravery on the battlefield and signature “long roll” on the drum to lead the charge in several victories.

Free from rules, just like John Lincoln Clem, we are marching to our own beats found in the Timothy Oulton Drum collection.
A testament to true heritage, reinvented with energy and passion, the collection includes authentic materials such as vellum, leather and hand-painted solid wood, reconstructed into functional side tables and bookcases for the modern home.

The product range includes; 4ft and 6ft drum bookcases and side tables. Available in Painted Wood and Oxidised Brass finishes.


– Classics –