Ready. Set. Summer Sale.

Press refresh on your home style with our Summer Sale. Enjoy 20% off Timothy Oulton made to order items, 25% off in-stock items, and 10% off Noble Souls made to order items in store. Create a storied home filled with pieces that make you smile.

Offer ends 26 August, 2019 at Bluebird, Heal's and Battersea. Not valid on vintage collectibles, prior purchases or cumulative with other offers.

Explore our full collection below or come by for a glass of champagne to discover our in-stock items!

  • Westminster Feather Sofa

    Westminster Feather Sofa

  • Mimi Chair

    Mimi Chair

  • Cabana chair

    Cabana Chair

  • Cabana Yeti Chair

    Cabana Yeti Chair

  • Junk Art Round Coffee Table

    Junk Art Round Coffee Table

  • Junk Art Propeller coffee table

    Junk Art Coffee Table

  • Wildcat Chair

    Wildcat Chair

  • Lord Digsby Round Footstool

    Lord Digsby Round Footstool

  • Cabana Footstool

    Cabana Footstool

  • Mars Chair MK3

    Mars Chair MK3

  • Lord Digsby shown in Vintage Cigar leather

    Lord Digsby Footstool

  • Rod Floor Lamp

    Rod Floor Lamp

  • Georgian Architectural Dining Table

    Georgian Architectural Dining Table

  • Glacier coffee table Burnt Wood & Arcrylic

    Glacier Coffee Table

  • Xylem Side table

    Xylem Side table

  • Spur Side Table

    Spur Side Table

  • Spur Small Side Table

    Spur Small Side Table

  • Iceberg Side Table

    Iceberg Side Table