Meet Designer Michael Yeung


Designer Michael Yeung has been working closely with Tim Oulton for many years. He caught the attention of Tim shortly after graduating in Fine Arts back in 2005 and since then, Michael has collaborated on the design of some key pieces including the award-winning Mars and Aviator Tomcat chairs with his avant-garde and creative signature style.

Michael attributes his core concept of ‘furniture as functional art’ to a professor at his Canadian Art School where he was preparing for his Masters in architecture. Much like a sculptor, Michael designs his furniture with a view of how the light will reflect and it will cast shadows of the piece in the room, accentuating each curve and line to have the most visual impact.


How best would you describe your design style?

Most people would say that my designs are very modern and futuristic, I like to think of my designs as very personal reflections of who I am. My design aesthetic embodies things I have wanted but never existed, so I create them. I can’t be the only one crazy enough to want it. 

Your collaborations with Tim include the Aviator collection, is speed an important theme of your designs?

 I draw a lot of inspiration from cars, planes and motorcycles - things I’m personally interested in.  I also get inspired a lot by movies like Batman, Tron Legacy and Ironman, movies that have highly design oriented sets.

What was the inspiration behind the iconic Mars Chair?

We wanted to create a chair that was modern in shape and ideology but still reflected on vintage aspects as well. The shape and lines of the polished steel arms is combined with the vintage-looking leather seat, and that contrast is what makes it so special and timeless. It’s simple yet attractive at the same time - striking but not over the top.