– Desks –


Opposites attract as these two diverse materials unite to form objet d’art. Soft rounded lines are contrasted with wrapped wood highlighting the collection’s true beauty.

– Desks –


From fighter plane to first class travel, the sensorial Hudson desk is clad in a patchwork skin of black Fury leather.


  • Aviator Valkyrie Desk

    Aviator Valkyrie Desk

  • Globetrekker Desk

    Globetrekker Aero Desk

  • Aviator Cowling Desk

    Aviator Cowling Desk

  • Streamline Desk

    Streamline Desk

  • Castaway Desk

    Castaway Desk

  • Aviator Blackhawk Desk

    Aviator Blackhawk Desk

  • Cumberland Desk

    Cumberland Desk

  • Hudson Desk

    Hudson Desk