– Armchairs –


Our beloved Branco chair makes an impact with its scalloped edges and all over tufting. Over indulged detailing is found in this compact chair, with hand-applied studs and leather clad feet.

– Armchairs –


The Aviator Tomcat takes its cue from military aviation history, inspired by the twin-cockpit seats of the F-14 Tomcat which was deployed by the U.S. Navy for some of its most prolific missions in the 1970s.

– Armchairs –


Taking its classic wingback shape from chairs found in old English universities, the Mentor chair features sumptuous woven leather on the interior back and seat, providing a gratifyingly rich and textural surface.


  • Cabana Yeti Chair

    Cabana Yeti Chair

  • Saddle Chair

    Saddle Chair

  • Cabana chair

    Cabana Chair

  • Saddle Chair Buck'dn Brok'n shown in Buck’dN Brok’n leather

    Saddle Chair Buck'dN Brok'n

  • Shaggy Armchair

    Shaggy Armchair

  • Mars Chair MK3

    Mars Chair MK3

  • Trio Chair

    Trio Chair

  • Milano Chair

    Milano Chair

  • City Chair

    City Chair

  • Athena Armchair

    Athena Armchair

  • Aviator Tomcat Chair

    Aviator Tomcat Chair

  • Punk Professor Chair

    Punk Professor Chair

  • Stud Professor Armchair

    Stud Professor Armchair

  • Furious Professor armchair

    Furious Professor Armchair

  • Professor Chair

    Professor Chair

  • Mad Professor Chair

    Mad Professor Chair

  • Professor Spitfire Chair

    Professor Spitfire Chair

  • Mentor Chair

    Mentor Chair

  • Branco Chair

    Branco Chair

  • Scholar Chair

    Scholar Chair

  • Wildcat Chair

    Wildcat Chair

  • Bastille Armchair shown in Pixel Black leather

    Bastille Armchair

  • Avo chair

    Avo chair

  • Manor Chair

    Manor Chair

  • Leather chair - Rally

    Rally Chair

  • Wild Chair

    Wild Chair

  • Cave chair

    Cave Chair

  • Leather & Fabric Armchair - Kimono | Timothy Oulton

    Kimono Chair

  • Leather & Fabric Armchair - Cub | Timothy Oulton

    Cub Chair