– Sconce –


A new addition to our Rod collection, the Rod sconce features a glass insert in the centre, to play with the eye.

– Sconces –

Atom Sconce

Inspired by the basic structure of an atom around its nucleus, our Atom Light celebrates the mysteries linked to the creation of the Universe, and the brilliant scientists who try to unravel them.


  • Rod Sconce

    Rod Sconce

  • Crossglass Sconce

    Crossglass Sconce

  • Zig Zag Sconce

    Zig Zag Sconce

  • Gyro Crystal Sconce

    Gyro Crystal Sconce

  • Iris Sconce

    Iris Sconce

  • Crescent Sconce

    Crescent Sconce

  • Atom Sconce

    Atom Sconce

  • Gyro Sconce

    Gyro Sconce

  • Sophie Pendant

    Sophie Sconce

  • Crystal Sconce

    Crystal Sconce