– Sconce –


The Rod sconce features a glass insert in the centre, to play with the eye. Frosted glass rods are held in an industrial turbine shape, within a modern matt black frame.

– Sconce –


Extracting a section of the DNA helix and translating it into a spectacular light fixture, the Element linear sconce is handcrafted from a central metal core and hand-polished glass rods.


  • Rod Sconce

    Rod Sconce

  • Inception Sconce

    Inception Sconce

  • Crossglass Sconce

    Crossglass Sconce

  • Zig Zag Sconce

    Zig Zag Sconce

  • Gyro Crystal Sconce

    Gyro Crystal Sconce

  • Iris Sconce

    Iris Sconce

  • Gyro Sconce

    Gyro Sconce

  • Crystal Sconce

    Crystal Sconce