– Mirrors –


Inspired by infinity mirrors from the 1970s, the Inception lights up to reveal a seemingly endless line of reflections, appearing smaller and smaller as they fade into the distance.

– Mirrors –


The Rod collection is a modern day interpretation of Venetian Murano brass and glass library lights from the 1940s. The glass rods are differing heights for an unusual elliptical shape that plays with the eye, lighting up for spectacular effect from internal bulbs inside the frame.


  • Inception Mirror

    Inception Mirror

  • Rex mirror tall

    Rex Mirror

  • Rod Mirror

    Rod Mirror

  • Axel Parquet Mirror

    Axel Parquet Mirror

  • Moulding Mirror

    Moulding Mirror

  • Valiant Mirror

    Valiant Mirror

  • Alexander Mirror

    Alexander Mirror

  • Aviator Blackhawk Mirror

    Aviator Blackhawk Mirror

  • Aviator Cowling Mirror

    Aviator Cowling Mirror

  • Axel Square Mirror

    Axel Mirror

  • Reeded Mirror

    Reeded Mirror

  • Globetrekker Orbit Mirror

    Globetrekker Orbit Mirror

  • Skylight Mirror

    Skylight Mirror