Can I find all products on this site? 
You will find all our current collections and all available finishes and sizes on the website. Occasionally you may find a product in store that is not featured online, this may happen if we have discontinued that design but the store still has some items in stock.
Vintage one-off pieces are not featured on our website, they vary by store.
If you would like to know if a product you have seen online is currently displayed at your chosen store please contact the store.

Are all products online displayed in store?
We offer a wide array of products and finishes, and only a selection can be displayed in store. In store we have swatches of different materials and finishes to aid selection. If you have seen something in store but you would like it in a different size or finish please check the website for all available finishes and sizes, or contact your closest store.

I saw an item in your store but I can't find it online, how can I get more information?
Contact the store. It might be a vintage piece or a discontinued design.

Where are the materials sourced from?
We source our materials from whichever corner of the world offers the most unique, quality materials and finishes that inspires our design team. We are constantly seeking out new raw materials from all over the world. Much of our wood is reclaimed from the UK, as well as China and Indonesia, while our leather hides are typically sourced from South America.

Are your products second hand or vintage?
All of our furniture, lighting and accessories collections are new pieces, many of which are strongly influenced by vintage designs. We often use reclaimed materials, including decades-old boat propellers and salvaged wood which is up to 100 years old. Our leathers are not vintage, but we employ special hand-finishing techniques to give the leather a strong vintage look and heritage feel, indistinguishable from actual antique leather. We like to breathe ‘old life’ into new things; many of our designs emulate vintage or antique pieces, but we add our own unique twist to give it that modern edge.
In addition to our collections, we do have a selection of genuine vintage items in our stores that have been collected from private collections and second hand markets across the world. These include large scale and often rare vintage items such as our Searchlights, as well as smaller collections such as riding boots and vintage crockery. These items vary by store, and are all available to purchase.

The furniture piece I bought looks different from the one I saw in store. Is that normal?
Yes, every piece is handmade so no two pieces are ever the same, this is what gives our products their own character and soul and makes them unique. Variances occur most noticeably in reclaimed materials, which all weather differently, or natural materials such as marble which will have its own unique degree of veining and patterns. Leather may vary in colour as the translucent dye is applied by hand, and each hide will have its own visible markings including stretches, tick marks and branding marks that are unique to each piece.

Can I customize my own item?
No, we don’t usually customize products. We offer a wide range of finishes (including 30 leathers and 15 fabrics - including linens and moleskins) and sizes for you to choose from.
Our large range of sectional sofas come in various modular options so that they can be configured to your exact requirements.

Can I order spare parts?
Most spare parts are available to order, such as replacement crystals for lighting. Please contact your closest store.

How do I care for my products?
With a little bit of care your item should last for many years. Please visit for full advice on how to care for and protect your furniture and lighting.

What fillings are used in the seat cushions?
Our wide range of upholstery is handcrafted using various cushion fillings, among others but not limited to; feathers, down, foam and fibre, depending on the model. Please refer to the online product page for the full description for your chosen item. Some of our models are deliberately designed to look vintage and worn, and are therefore not filled to be as plump as other models. Please refer to the online product page for the full description for your chosen item.

I have an allergy to feathers. Can I still buy your sofas?
We offer a wide choice of upholstery to suit your needs. As well as our feather-filled collection we also offer many options with foam and fibre filling.

The feather cushions on my new sofa feel a bit stiff. What should I do?
When your new sofa first arrives, you may find that the seat and back cushions look and feel firmer than you expected. Don’t worry, this is normal, and they will settle down after a short time. To help speed up the process, give them a good plumping to redistribute the feathers and turn them over every so often.

I purchased an item several years ago, I can’t find it on your website and I now have a question. What should I do?
If your question is about caring for your product, please refer to
If you would like to buy another item or if you have another question, contact the store where you made your purchase or send us an email here.

I’ve seen a sofa on your website but I want to see it in another finish, what should I do?
Visit your closest store. We have a leather wall in store with full hides in most finishes, as well as a large swatch book so you can touch and feel the leather. We also have swatch books of our linens and moleskins in store. If you are unable to visit in person, we can post you swatches, just get in touch with your local store. We have many finishes available.

Can I request a sample?
Yes, we offer swatch samples of our upholstery leathers and fabrics. Please contact your closest store to request your swatches.

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