What are the benefits of Passivehaus construction?
Passivhaus certification focuses on energy efficiency of the building itself, specifically:

  • Excellent insulation with the heating/cooling energy demand limited to 15KWh/M2/year.
  • Optimised connection details that avoid thermal bridging.
  • An airtight building envelope which eliminates draughts and reduces energy consumption.
  • A controlled ventilation system with high quality filters, an efficient energy recovery system and low energy usage.
  • Total energy demand of < 120KWh/M2/year.
  • Heating/cooling energy demand limited to 15KWh/M2/year.

Does opening door or windows effect “PASSIVE” performance? 
A Passivhaus is designed with a mechanical ventilation system and Energy Recovery Unit. Opening doors and window for ventilation will effect passive house performance and therefore you may require additional energy to the heat or cool the building.

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