Land Selection

How much land is required to contract a Halodome?
Halodome with the 12m/ 40f diameter has a footprint of approximately 100m2/ 1000sf however local building codes and set backs along with the customers aspirations are likely to determine the minimum land area required.

How do I know if my land is appropriate?
Generally, Halodome can be situated anywhere, if the off-site constructed platform option is employed however a detailed review of site, is required before confirmation.

Does the land require sewage, electrics, plumbing & water accessibility?
Halodome does not provide any of these services, mains services and off grid options are supplied by the client.

Is the Halodome suited to cold and hot climates? 
The Passivehaus version of Halodome is ideally suited to temperate or cold areas, if located in hot humid climates additional cooling support will likely be required.

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