Dome Home Selection Options

What is the main difference between Passive & Non-passive?
Halodome Passivehaus has a certified airtightness standard and a ventilation system to replenish fresh air with an Energy Recovery Unit to ensure minimal loss of ambient internal temperature. Insulation levels are higher and doors and windows are triple glazed low E glazing.
Halodome standard has similar levels of air tightness and insulation but no ventilation system, an energy recovery unit and uses double glazing, also of a very high standard.

What are the heating or cooling solutions for Non-passive? 
Halodome can use any market standard heating options. The dome shape enables the temperature to adjust very quickly.

How many sizes are available and are they adjustable?
9m/ 30f or 12m/ 40f diameter Halodomes are available.

What are the finish options for the interior and exterior?
We offer a reclaimed timber internal linings and two alternatives for the exterior cladding; Canadian cedar shingle or different coloured stainless steel options.

Are ceiling heights adjustable?

Is there an option of a covered hallway to connect 2 Halodomes if I wanted to combine and create a larger living space?
Yes there is. Previous construction projects have added walkways and even conventional extensions to form kitchens and bathrooms. These options are not supplied by Halodome.

Is there an option for a completely closed off second level?
Yes, this can be done but is not supplied by Halodome.

Is electrical wiring covered and hidden within the walls?
The electrical wiring runs in conduits between the panels and can be accessed by removing part of the internal lining. Making it possible to install ceiling lighting, sound system, fans and power sockets where desired.

Is there an option of skylights?
Additional roof light windows can be fitted and are in effect skylights.

Are plans available to show best and varied use of space internally?
We have examples and plans showing various layout options, please email the To Studio team to request options.

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