From the time of purchase, what is the kit production time?
Normally 20 weeks from receipt of the first stage payment to loading.

What pre-preparation and foundation/platform are required before construction can begin?
The client will prepare all local planning/ building consent, access and site prepartions  including a concrete foundation slab or footings piers if Haldome floor platform is selected. Halodome can supply minimum requirements for the conventional concrete foundation slab and pier configuration however, both will need local certification by the appropriate consultants and authorities.

What can I expect at the delivery? 
Halodome is delivered as a full kit of pre-assembled panels and components, including the floor platform if required, to your site in shipping containers. Noting that the most complex parts of the construction are completed in our workshops.

Who is responsible for the construction?
The client is responsible for assembling the Halodome’s 80 or 45 panels along with the roofing system and internal linings that form the Halodome you’ve selected. A designated local architect and/ or contractor can select to request support from a Halodome specialist representative who will visit the site and provide advice for a set period and agreed time.

Will construction instructions be provided?
A detailed fully comprehensive instruction manual is provided with the components on delivery.

What are the build steps & how long does it take?

  • Preparing the flooring base(before Halodome arrival)
  • Installation of the 80 or 45 pre-finished panels – up to 1 week
  • Fixing of  the roofing battens – up to 5 days
  • Fitting window and door flashings –up to 5 days
  • Fitting roof shingles or tiles -  2/3 weeks
  • Tape sealing the internal membrane – 2/3 days
  • Assembling the mezzanine (if included) – which can be installed concurrently with the roof system.
  • Fitting the internal linings – 1 week

The Dome Home onsite construction can be finished in under 6 weeks if given sufficient manpower.

What happens in the event of damage when the Halodome components arrive damaged?
We will repair on arrival and if this is not possible, replace the relevant component. 

After Dome Home installation, what additional support is available?
Interior design, Styling & Furnishings can be provided upon request.

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