Certification & warranty

How safe is the Halodome certification. Does it meet US regulations? 
Halodome has a structural design certification that is valid in all counties except USA and Canada. We are in contact with structural engineers in California to understand the regulartory process and then to evaluate our design against the local codes. We may have to repeat this process in certain states or extreme locations however, it’s thought that the Californian certification will be good enough for the majority of states.

Is the Halodome resilient to earthquake prone regions?
The Halodome is an inherently stable structure and has been certified in the Philippines which is a high risk area. We are looking to obtain a general certification for California, specific high risk areas may require additional approvals.

Are all Halodomes certified for earthquake conditions or was this a special case?
The Palawan Halodome was modified to further strengthen the structure to ensure it met certification requests related to earthquakes. This is not necessary for most locations. Each project is assessed individually to identify any geographic or climatic issues and if any requirement for further structural reinforcement is required.

Does Halodome come with a warranty?
We supply a structural material warranty of 10 years.

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