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Sizes & Measurements
Dining Chair
L: 26" / 66 CM
W: 22" / 56 CM
H: 32.7" / 83 CM
Buff Leather +
Throne leather +

Throne leather X

Imagine the chair of a medieval knight, this is a full grain leather and one of the thickest in our collection. It will soften as fit gets used, taking on a rugged vintage appearance.


Buff Leather X

A truly naked leather, buff is the purest and most natural finish in the Timothy Oulton collection. The hide is 100% vegetable dyed using the tannins of bark and nut shells, creating a thick, raw leather with all its rugged natural character and markings laid bare. The colour comes solely from the bark and nut shells, a technique used since ancient times, with no synthetic materials or dyes applied. Buff is hand-finished with natural oils and waxes to create a slightly aged look, and will continue to age with wear and use.

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Charlie Chair

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