Caring for timber

Provenance of materials is very important to Timothy Oulton, and pure, natural materials are sought out from whichever corner of the earth offers the best quality. Much of our wood is salvaged from former barns and distilleries in the UK, disused railways, old Chinese doors and decommissioned fishing junks. All the wood is de-nailed by hand and treated in the Timothy Oulton workshop. Our master craftsmen take great pride in hand-carving and hand-finishing the timber using traditional artisanal methods.

Reclaimed wood is rife with character, and often has small cracks and signs of weathering or evidence of its former life. At Timothy Oulton, we believe in celebrating and preserving all those ‘imperfections’ in the wood, respecting the passage of time and the idea that time actually makes things more beautiful. Reclaimed wood looks better as it ages and with continued use. Each piece is unique, and each tells a different story.

Timothy Oulton also offers a small range of highly skilled veneer work on the Hinge and Island collection.  

Preventative measures should be taken to avoid stains, scratches and water marks on your wood furniture. Some residual marks will appear over time with use, this adds to the patina of the piece and makes it more storied, more unique and more beautiful.


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