Caring for Textiles

Timothy Oulton textiles include a wide palette of upholstery, rugs and cushions.

From the sumptuous glamour of velvet to the relaxed feel of cool, fresh linen. Timothy Oulton textiles offer a luxurious and tactile experience, exquisitely crafted and beautiful to the touch.


Faded & Degraded Melting Paisley +
Faded & Degraded Peat Smudge +
Faded & Degraded Peeling Ceiling +
Faded & Degraded Persia in Decline +
Acid Jungle +
Revival Velvet Aqua +
Revival Velvet Black +
Revival Velvet Grey +
Revival Velvet Mint +
Revival Velvet Navy +
Revival Velvet Ruby +
Revival Velvet Teal +
Siren Dusk +
Siren Rose +
Natural Linen Azure +
Natural Linen Ecru +
Natural Linen Mist +
Natural Linen Smoke +
Scuff Linen Bone +
Scuff Linen Gorse +
Scuff Linen Night +
Whispy Linen Black +
Whispy Linen Grey +
Whispy Linen +
Whispy Linen Stone +
Whispy Linen White +
Woven Linen Ash +
Woven Linen Graphite +