Limited Edition Cufflinks

Limited Edition Cufflinks

A limited edition of 129 sets, to celebrate 129 years since the birth of the modern automobile.

In 1886 Karl Benz began a revolution in transportation that has inspired designers and engineers alike, ever since. It is this dream of the perfect balance between precision engineering and beautiful craftsmanship that is celebrated in this unique collection of cufflinks.

Each limited edition set includes 5 pairs of cufflinks: the Spoke Wheel Cufflink - inspired by the Aston Martin DB5, the Rotational Lock Cufflink - inspired by the quick release wheel nut system, the Gear Lever Cufflink - inspired by the 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo stick shift, the Wankel Cufflink - inspired by Felix Wankel’s unique engine concept and the Fuel Cap Cufflink – inspired by the Dodge Charger American muscle car.

The cufflinks are made using rich natural materials including black agate, hematite, mother of pearl, red garnet and sapphire glass. The box is crafted from premium grade leather and carbon fibre. Each box set is individually numbered and signed by Timothy Oulton.