Belle Shoulder Bag

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A real a-lister for glamorous ‘belles’ everywhere. effortlessly attractive, pulling off a casual vintage look with the unashamed luxury of the softest leather.

Features :

• Perfectly proportioned
• Can unhinge on both sides to expand into a larger shape
• Belted with thin, leather double lanyard straps with removable shoulder strap
• 1 internal zipped pocket
• 2 internal open pockets
• Cotton-blendlining (colour matching colour of bag)



    Our famous leathers, sourced from Argentina and Brazil, all carry the unique feel of quality hand finished aniline leather.

    Colours and finishes are inspired by Tim's personal collection of authentic vintage pieces including biker’s jackets and old leather suitcases.

    Our leathers are natural artefacts, each with their own unique characteristics. As a result, our Moo leather may vary significantly in its individual pattern and tones.



    Our patterns all tell a story. The hand-stitched Union Jack is a nod to our British heritage, our classic Dicky Ticking design was traditionally used in 19th century English suitcases, while our 1908 Tug of War Team lining was built up from an original old photograph.



    Different gauges of stitching change the personality of a piece; heavier gauge stitching lends a more rugged feel, while finer gauges exude quality and polish.

    Select your colour, either to match or contrast.



    It’s all in the detail. Choose those important finishing touches, including hardware in Antique Gold or Antique Black.