Hudson Bar

For your next roaring party.

Hudson Bar

For your next roaring party.
Starting from US$5,925 US$4,444 (ex Tax)
L160cm size shown in Fury Black Leather US$5,925 US$4,444 (ex Tax)
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"For your next roaring party."

The sensorial Hudson collection houses everything you need for a great night in, whatever the occasion. Understated design adds to its stealth, but its rich textured surface cloaked in a patchwork of Fury leather panels, hints at something special within.

The epitome of bar sophistication, the Hudson bar is cool and collected from the front, while behind, an aluminium worktop blends functionality with sleek modern style.

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Hudson Bar comes in a range of configurations.
Leather - FURY BLACK - Large
118.1"L x 30.3"W x 43.3"H
300cm x 77cm x 110cm
Leather - FURY BLACK - Medium
63"L x 30.3"W x 43.3"H
160cm x 77cm x 110cm
Leather - FURY NUTMEG - Medium
62.99"L x 30.31"W x 43.31"H
160cm x 77cm x 110cm
Leather - FURY NUTMEG - Large
118.11"L x 30.31"W x 43.31"H
300cm x 77cm x 110cm
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Hudson Bar
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