Axel MK3 Side Table

Reclaimed from weather-beaten fishing boats.

Axel MK3 Side Table

Reclaimed from weather-beaten fishing boats.
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Axel MK3

"Reclaimed from weather-beaten fishing boats."
The Axel range combines old world and industrial with its combination of reclaimed wood from decommissioned Chinese fishing junks and hand-treated metal detailing. After decades of exposure to the high seas and elements, the reclaimed boat wood from the hulls, decking, and beams of the Chinese boats reflects uniquely weathered coloration's and textures, making each piece unique. Special Note: Natural cracking may occur over time and is not a sign of defect. Each product is finished individually, therefore colour and margins may vary significantly from piece to piece
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Axel MK3 Side Table comes in a range of configurations.
23.62"L x 23.62"W x 23.62"H
60cm x 60cm x 60cm
23.62"L x 23.62"W x 15.75"H
60cm x 60cm x 40cm
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Axel MK3 Side Table
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