Paradise Spiral Pendant


Paradise Spiral Pendant

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Inspired by the magnificent Odeon buildings in ancient Greece and Rome, originally constructed for musical performances. Traditionally, they had beautifully carved domed roofs for maximum acoustics, with a space in the top for natural light to flood in. The light’s spiral design mixes architectural elements from the biblical Tower of Babylon with the helix effect of a spiral staircase, bringing ancient drama and modern glamour to a room.

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Paradise Spiral Pendant comes in a range of configurations.
Metal - NATURAL - Large
36.6"L x 36.6"W x 55.9"H
93cm x 93cm x 142cm
Metal - NATURAL - Medium
30.3"L x 30.3"W x 39.4"H
77cm x 77cm x 100cm
Metal - NATURAL - Small
26"L x 26"W x 33.9"H
66cm x 66cm x 86cm
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Paradise Spiral Pendant
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