Stay Safe, Stay Home & Nest: 50% off Everything

 These are extraordinary times.
Stores are temporarily closed, and many of our customers are home bound.
Please stay safe.

However we want our community to continue to serve you.
Our designers, craftspeople, and our sales ambassadors; we all want to continue to help you create inspiring storied spaces.

And to make that easier at this difficult time, we are extending this special offer to you:
50% off everything, including new made to order pieces.

We are set up to help with phone and video calls consultations, Whatsapp, product information, digital space-planning, and orders, just like in our stores.

We are ready to take your call, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

So enjoy this special offer, and keep our community working to help you create a more inspiring world at your home.

*TO membership discount is 20%. This offer temporarily extends that discount to 50%.
This offer stands alone, and is not valid with any other offer.

*Offer only valid in participating territories: UK and USA. Offer excludes extra territorial shipping, import duties and taxes.