Iceberg Dining Table

Crafted for modern entertaining

Iceberg Dining Table

Crafted for modern entertaining
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"Crafted for modern entertaining"
The Iceberg dining table's minimal lines encapsulate the elemental power of ice. Three transparent glass planks, evoking sleek, frozen blocks of water, float atop a rigid black steel frame. Each plank can simply be lifted and turned, choosing from a unique wave-like texture on one side or a smooth, pure finish on the reverse. Carefully crafted, thought-out details for modern entertaining. Special note: Small white markings may appear within the grooves of the rippled side, this is a characteristic of the glass and part of the design. Two people are recommended to carefully turn the glass planks if desired.
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Iceberg Dining Table comes in a range of configurations.
Glass - GLASS BEAM - Medium
97.6"L x 39"W x 29.9"H
248cm x 99cm x 76cm
Glass - GLASS BEAM - Small
83.9"L x 39"W x 29.9"H
213cm x 99cm x 76cm
Glass - GLASS BEAM - Large
102.4"L x 42.9"W x 29.9"H
260cm x 109cm x 76cm
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Iceberg Dining Table
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