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- The Showstopper -

Theatre and drama, swirling senses

For marking those extra special occasions, when guests come together to really celebrate. A touch of fantasy, of flamboyance (but don’t try too hard!). Perfectly planned, runs like a Swiss watch, an illusion, suspended reality, with special touches that delight.

Titus Dining Table

This elegant and classic dining table sets the scene for theatre and drama at mealtimes, perfect for special occasion entertaining.

Rex Dining Table

Softly lit from within, the Rex dining table dramatically glows like a stunning Art Deco chandelier. Dress up for dinner and host your friends for decadent nights of sparkling conversation, fabulous food and far too much wine.

Zodiac Dining Table

The Zodiac dining table is inspired by ancient motifs that have been reinterpreted over the centuries into the walls and flooring of classical buildings. Individual pieces of marble are inlaid with painstaking precision to create a mesmerising 3-D effect.

- The Menu -

Tasting Menu

Conceived by Chef Arron Rhodes, this menu is anchored in a strong modern British cooking philosophy while exploring an elemental Asian purism as well as other international influences.


  GIROLLE , PINE, SMOKED PORTOBELLO, GARLIC Domaine Henri Weber, Riesling, Alsace AOC, France, 2015

  LANGOUSTINE, CAULIFLOWER, MELON, TARAGON Villa Antinori Bianco IGT, Trebbiano-Malvasia, Tuscany, Italy, 2016

GUINEA FOWL, CHESTNUT, SQUASH, CHERRY Chateau du Taillan, Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, France, 2009

SEASONAL FISH, DILL, SHELLFISH, BROCCOLI Domaine Séguinot Bordet, Chablis, Chardonnay, Burgundy, France, 2016

CLEMENTINE, YOGHURT, KUMQUAT & TIMUT PEPPER Pronutto Moscato d'Asti DOCG, Moscato, Piedmont, Italy, 2016



Mimi Faded & Degraded

The classic flared shape of the Mimi takes a walk on the wild side with the Faded & Degraded velvet collection. From the vibrant pinks of Peeling Ceiling to the more subdued hues of Persia in Decline, these eclectic designs add a fun sophistication to your dining interior.

Angeles Dining Chair

Angeles evolved from a vintage treasure that Tim picked up at one of L.A’s antique markets, reinvented with that special Timothy Oulton touch. Hand applied studs accessorise the lustrous leather seat and back. Dining chair shown here dressed head to toe in black leather for pure red carpet glamour.

Mimi Chair with Loose Cover

We’ve given our best-selling Mimi dining chair a brand new outfit with these luxurious loose skirted covers. Dress her up or down with a choice of super-soft linens and sumptuous moleskins, or mix and match for all seasons and occasions.

- The Playlist -

Glamourous Grooves

Energy and glamour, music that transports us, carries us away.

“The best revenge is massive success.”

Frank Sinatra

Rex Diamond Pendant

Named after the historic Rex cinema in England; a 1930s Art Deco gem boasting a beautiful auditorium with dramatic chandeliers.
The diamond chandelier is a modern twist on classic elegance, for contemporary style with a touch of glamour.

Rex Chandelier

Named after the historic Rex cinema in England with its beautiful 1930’s auditorium and dramatic chandeliers. Saved from dereliction by a local entrepreneur, the cinema was restored to its former glory in 2004. The Rex collection transports Art Deco glamour into the modern day.

Zig Zag chandelier

The Zig Zag chandelier features delicate spheres of optical grade glass around an intricate metal skeleton. Like a galaxy of suspended planets, each sphere bounces the reflections and refractions of the others to project almost kaleidoscope patterns of galactic beauty.

- The Expert’s Tip -


Katie Daniels, Berry Bros & Rudd:
Opening a bottle: a) Serve chilled at 6-8°C, b) Remove foil and wire muzzle, hold cork, c) Tilt bottle at 30° angle, gripping cork, use other hand to grip base of bottle, d) Turn the bottle (NOT the cork), e) Release pressure with a quiet “phut”, not an explosion and flying cork!

- Dinner with -

The Head Chef

British born chef Arron Rhodes has followed his passion for creative cooking across the world: London, Maldives (poor guy!), and the 3 Michelin starred Restaurant Andre in Singapore. Currently working on an exciting new, soon to be launched
concept in Hong Kong.



A myriad of tiny details that come together perfectly, plus unexpected twists. Dress up; cocktail dresses and heels, white pressed shirts and jackets - all part of the occasion.


Roasted Cornish scallops to start (Cornwall is magical: fertile fishing grounds surrounded by the sea on 3 sides. Also good for surfing), prepared with fresh summer sweet corn and Italian Roma tomatoes (elegant oval shape!) with lemon butter and dill sauce.
Main course would be whole roasted sea bass (a handsome fish!) baked inside a salt crust, served with quinoa and orange salad, rocket leaves with a balsamic dressing, with a caviar and seaweed butter sauce.
Dessert: rich chocolate truffle fondant, blood orange syrup and Madagascan vanilla bean ice cream. Finish with coffee and pralines.


All white – always the most formal, white linen, white candles.


A few bottles of a nice red Barolo, and a classic movie - Vertigo, Dr No - projected on the wall.


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