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Spontaneous Sharing

- Spontaneous Sharing -

Spur of the moment spontaneity

Simple food, BYO bottles and a laid back evening.
Often the best things happen at the spur of the moment – grab a few things on the way home from work, or ask everyone to pitch in and bring something along.
All laid out, rustic style, for everyone to reach across and help themselves.
The more the merrier, so benches, not chairs!

Boston Dining Table

The perfect platform for laid-back dining, the Boston table combines its architectural design with unexpected materials for a modern twist. Available in Aero or Weathered Oak.

Axel Round Dining Table

This round version of our popular Axel dining table is the perfect setting for relaxed entertaining, chatting across the table with friends. The Axel range crosses old world and industrial with its combination of reclaimed wood from decommissioned Chinese junks and handtreated metal detailing.

Axel Parquet Dining Table

The Axel range combines old world and industrial with its combination of reclaimed wood from decommissioned Chinese fishing junks and hand-treated metal detailing. After decades of exposure to the high seas and elements, the reclaimed boat wood from the hulls, decking, and beams of the Chinese boats reflects uniquely weathered coloration’s and textures, making each dining table unique.

English Beam dining table

Epic in proportion, the English Beam Dining table stands ready for the heartiest of dining occasions.

- The Menu -


Timothy Oulton’s Global Style Directors, Dani Monti-Morren and Raoul Morren, share their Sunday ritual – a simple peasant style red sauce from the southern region of Italy Campania – a family recipe passed down the generations.
Long live Italia!

Warm 2 tbsp olive oil in a pan at low heat, add 1 diced small onion and dash of sea salt - sauté until clear.
Add 2 15oz cans of DOP peeled tomatoes and break with a wooden spoon.
Add two big dashes of coarse sea salt.
Let simmer on just below medium heat.
Add a large handful of basil.
Cook until rich and flavourful – you can leave it all day.

Cook pasta al dente, and garnish with another piece of basil.
Place in the middle of the table and let everyone serve themselves.

Creek Dining Chair

The Creek dining chair is deeply cushioned for hours at the dining table. Creek is covered in the sumptuous hand-feel of Aussie leather, an incredibly soft and tactile nubuck style finish.

Gym Horse Bench

Inspired by the world of gymnastics and sport, the playful Gym Horse collection offers a comfortable seat in our hand-distressed leathers. A modern, casual feel with an industrial edge.

Lannister Dining Chair

The shapely Lannister dining chair envelops you in classic comfort for nights around the dinner table, breaking bread with old and new friends.

Charlie Dining Chair

Outfitted head to toe in thick, luxurious Vintage Throne leather, the Charlie chair is cool, calm and collected. Every detail is carefully crafted, from the hand-finished open seams down to the leather webbing underneath the seat.

- The Playlist -


Food and travel blogger Jessica Van Dop breaks out the Latin tunes when she has friends over. It gets people moving and spices things up a little.

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.”

Maya Angelou

Gyro Chandelier

The Gyro lighting chandelier is inspired by nineteenth century experimental physicist Leon Foucault’s gyroscope: a device used for measuring orientation. Extracting key elements from the historical instrument, the gyroscope has been reinterpreted into a framework of aged metal spheres fixed around a nucleus of candle lights.

Paradise Pendant

The Paradise pendant shines through waves of pleasure like softly rolling seas. We’ve redesigned our premium K-9 optical glass for greater light diffusion to set the mood for mellow moments.

Crystal Chandelier

Georgian-era elegance is contrasted with a rusted steel frame for a modern, industrial take on the classic crystal chandelier.

- The Expert’s Tip -


For sharing platters, put stacks and stacks of various sized plates on the table so people can go back later for a smaller bite if they like, and can enjoy dessert at their leisure.

- Dinner with -


Jessica Van Dop, former US Marine. Now travels the world writing, in search of adventure and great food. Her perfect dinner party: “One where the conversation never ends, wine flows, and you leave full not only from your meal but with unforgettable memories.”


I love themed menus. It can be mussels from Brussels, Peruvian ceviche or a classic American roasted chicken. Every dinner party should begin with an aperitif. Sparkling wine is the perfect ice breaker. Love doing wine or beer pairings with my menus.
Colorful seasonal flowers, candles, and love serving food to share. It makes guests interact more!
Break out the guitar and sing. May start salsa dancing. Drink. Repeat.