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Fun Formal

- Fun Formal -

Thought-out details, enjoy playing with traditions

Making guests feel special, a modern kind of formal (not too much), an elevated welcome, but still relaxed around the edges.

Glacier Dining Table

Like a primeval volcanic eruption frozen in time, Glacier spectacularly freezes logs of burnt timber in Crystalline Acrylic. Perfect for storytelling around the table.

Trapt Dining Table

The Trapt dining table features five hearty beams of exotic African balsam wood in a stunning natural palette of honey and chestnut browns, juxtaposed against a stark metal frame.

Iceberg Dining Table

The Iceberg dining table’s minimal lines encapsulate the elemental power of ice. Three transparent glass planks, evoking sleek, frozen blocks of water, float atop a rigid black steel frame.

Junction Dining Table

A perfect table to gather friends and enjoy the pleasures of a beautiful meal, the Junction dining table is a place of meeting. The richness of the cool marble contrasted with the strong rustic timber legs creates a stunning combination.

- The Menu -

Formal, Festive, Fun

Anchor the menu with a classic dish (a nod to tradition), and add something imaginative (and just slightly fussy) to start. People will like the familiarity, but also appreciate the effort. Great fresh ingredients. Accompany with classic drinks: an aperitif of champagne or a cocktail, a good bottle of wine, and a port.


  Australian Beef Tartare
  Grass fed beef , English piccalilli, pastry biscuit & anchovy mayonnaise

  Roast British Pork Belly
  Beetroot & soy, fermented garlic, caramelized parsnip, whisky & sage sauce

  Caramalized White Chocolate & Banana Ice Cream
  Toffee cream, lime curd with a poppy seed biscuit

  Jean-Louis Chave, Crozes-Hermitage “SILENE’”, Syrah, Rhone, France, 2015

Mimi Quilt Dining Chair

Quilted leather is a classic, from English country jackets to motorbike leathers to vintage bags. The Mimi Quilt dining chair reinvents a classic 1940s French piece, richly clad in quilted hand-softened leather for a modern, textured look.

Mimi Dining Chair

A beloved best-seller, the Mimi is a reinvention of a classic 1940s French dining chair with brass stud detailing and tapered wooden legs. This luxurious, classic style has a gently flared back and padded seat for comfort so you can chat for hours over dinner with friends.

Sparrow Dining Chair

Named after the noisy and gregarious British bird, the Sparrow sits invitingly at the dinner table, supporting the arc of lively conversation. Wrapped head to toe in soft Scarecrow leather.

Swallow Dining Chair

Outfitted top to bottom in distressed Scarecrow leather, the Swallow dining chair gives a modern take on being ‘dressed for dinner’. The leather is hand buffed without protection to achieve an incredibly soft hand-feel.

- The Playlist -

Classic tunes with soul, that make people smile.

A kind of reinvention: blend some classic tunes, the ones that make people smile, and mix them with the occasional offbeat indie selection that surprises people. Make sure it’s not too heavy or aggressive, but keep it interesting.

“People often called us perfectionists, but we were not looking for perfection. We were looking for some kind of magic in the music.”

Paul Simon

Iris Pendant

Inspired by the world of writer Jules Verne and his sci-fi masterpiece Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. The Iris mimics the portholes of the submarine Nautilus, crafted by hand from iron and crystal.

Gradient Chandelier

Handcrafted by our skilled artisans, the idea of a cathedral dome inside a sea of crystals is manifested in the Gradient chandelier. Multiple layers offer an almost infinite dome of lights.

- The Expert’s Tip -


From the experts at The Macallan:
A decadent fish meal:
Macallan Fine Oak 17, hard to find but very much worth the effort.
With rich red meat:
Macallan Sherry Oak 18.
With a light, fruity dessert:
Macallan Fine Oak 21. Smooth and delicate with ethereal overnotes of citrus and vanilla.

- Dinner with -

The Fixer

"Nothing is too big or too small (as long as it is legal)" – so say global concierge gurus Quintessentially Lifestyle. CEO of Asia Pacific, Emma Sherrard Matthews, describes her perfect party as a casual, chic long lunch with friends, cruising the South China sea aboard her 64ft beautiful junk El Presidente.



Big rustic planks of antipasti, cheese, olives and Italian meats to start; followed by roasted leg of lamb and fresh and seasonal organic vegetables and salads. Bloody Marys (secret ingredient: pinch of smoked paprika!) followed by icy cold champagne, Chablis and Pinot Noir.


I usually set the table with crisp white linen tablecloths and napkins, with a few bunches of fresh green hydrangeas and white peonies.


Around 10 people is perfect, with a mix of friendship groups and guests from overseas. Hong Kong is a whirlwind of social events so taking the chance to relax with a small group of friends in an intimate setting on the water, where everyone can be themselves and escape their day-to-day worries is really special.”


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