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Casual & Hearty

- Casual and Hearty -

A rustic ritual, carve up a juicy joint

Think plates piled high with simple tasty fare. A well carved roast, in the centre of a chunky wooden table. Good honest food, relaxed surrounds, where everyone is welcome. Family.

Causeway Dining Table

Designed for a relaxing environment, the Causeway dining table is handcrafted from Genuine English Reclaimed Timber, paved in a brickwork pattern along its hearty top, with a slightly uneven surface for a more natural and rustic feel.

Tracks Dining Table

Using reclaimed railway sleepers, our selective Tracks range highlights the true beauty of old timber. Each beam is de-nailed and washed by hand, preserving its history and authenticity.

Georgian Architectural Table

The Georgian Architectural dining table is handcrafted from Genuine English Reclaimed Timber sourced from disused buildings in the UK, sometimes up to 100 years old. A really warm and welcoming chunky table to anchor the room for casual sit downs.

- The Menu -

Sunday Brunch Menu

Familiarity is the key: robust and simple. A well selected cut from a good butcher, garnished with seasonal vegetables . Don't forget the gravy. Enjoyment; simple things done well, without fuss.

Selection of seafood freshly prepared
French Oysters, Madagascan prawns, from Holland clams & Mussels
Asparagus, Duck egg, Cured Beef heart
Slow cooked chicken terrine, piccalilli
Roast Sirloin of Devonshire beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, and vegetables
Steamed treacle sponge, berry compote with a vanilla & orange marmalade custard
Coffee or tea

Feather Dining Chair

The Feather dining chair features a simple, rustic timber frame with airy feather-filled pillows on the seat and back. Each pillow is sewn to the frame yet gives the illusion of being separate, for a more casual feel.

Side Saddle Dining Chair

Quilted for comfort, the Side Saddle Chair is shown in Buck’dN Brok’n leather for a distinctive aged appearance with scores, scratches, worn and burnished surfaces, all hinting at a storied past.

Sansa Dining Chair

The ruggedness of Weathered Oak and the faded sheen of soft, hand-buffed leather make this bistro beauty a casual, comfortable seat, perfect for family get-togethers.

Ruffed Dining Chair

Hand-pulled leather in a rich, buttery texture makes the Ruffed dining chair a comfortable base to recount tales of adventure over dinner with friends.

- The Playlist -

Roasting Rhythms

Add a little refinement, a little elegance to underpin the casual mood. Something jazzy halfway through keeps things loose.

“It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me... And I'm feelin'... good.”

Nina Simone

Crystal Chandelier

The Crystal lighting collection is inspired by the elaborate designs of late Georgian-era chandeliers, contrasting elegant features with an authentically rusted steel frame.

Crossglass Chandelier

Inspired by late 20th century Italian design, the powerful Crossglass chandelier features sweeping arcs of crystal clear glass overlapped on an octagonal base. The curved shapes are achieved through extruding the glass through a hollow die, a process invented in the 1800s.

- The Expert’s Tip -


Get inventive with your place settings. Tie napkins with leather ties for a simple yet sophisticated touch and pair with an aromatic sprig of fresh rosemary.

- Dinner with -


Liberty Vittert. Paris Cordon Bleu trained chef, PhD in mathematics and regular on TV show The American Cook. Brings a non-classical sense of discernment to those she hosts. Perfect dinner party? An elegant yet relaxed BBQ.



A good old fashioned Creole clam dip to start with cherry BBQ ribs and a corn soufflé to spiff it up a bit. I would finish light with fresh summer berries in a vanilla custard sauce. BBQ ribs are not BBQ ribs unless served with an ice cold beer. But it can be dinner party ready if you fancify that beer into a Watermelon cocktail, spiced up with a little Creole Shrubb liqueur, the perfect complement.


A wooden table, with beautifully covered chairs. Maybe even a chalkboard with the menu written up, and of course a gorgeous candelabra taking center stage smack dap in the middle of the table. Don't forget the fresh picked wildflowers, they don't even need vases, old wine bottles, beer bottles, and mason jars is all you need.


Wander down to the lake after polishing off the last of the vanilla sauce, totting a couple bottles of smooth whiskey and watch the sunset. Don't forget the blankets!


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