Elysium Tall Mirror


Elysium Tall Mirror

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Exquisitely and painstakingly handcrafted from ancient rock crystal, the Elysium mirror transports you to another realm, a gateway to a place of perfection afforded to heroes of a mythological world. Sourced raw from the earth, the icy shards of rock crystal are selected by hand, and fixed one by one to the iron frame. It takes 11 days to assemble 4,050 crystals on the round mirror, and 41 days to assemble a colossal 15,000 crystals on the tall mirror. Each mirror is a labour of love, a precise and skilled demonstration of meticulous craftsmanship using only simple tools and the touch of the craftsman's hand. The multi-faceted crystals disperse the light in every direction as it shines through the translucent stone, casting dramatic shapes and shadows on the wall.
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Elysium Tall Mirror comes in a range of configurations.
Stone - ROCK CRYSTAL - Tall Mirror
51.2"L x 7.1"W x 94.5"H
130cm x 18cm x 240cm
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Elysium Tall Mirror
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