Edwardian Dining Table

Dining Table

Edwardian Dining Table

Dining Table
L250cm size US$5,175 (ex Tax)
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Beautifully striking, the Edwardian collection is fashioned from reclaimed parquetry oak and mahogany. Originally forming the floors of Edwardian dancehalls and other buildings in the UK, the timber is over 100 years old, bringing a century of history and character into your home. The reclamation of the wood is a long and arduous journey; each block is carefully removed by hand and cleaned before making its way to our workshop, where craftsmen use meticulous skill to lay each block - by hand - into the distinctive chevron pattern, creating a rustic surface full of personality and charm.
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Edwardian Dining Table comes in a range of configurations.
98.43"L x 39.37"W x 29.92"H
250cm x 100cm x 76cm
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Edwardian Dining Table
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