21 Jan. 2019 - General

Make the Most of Your Space with a Stylish Corner Sofa

Is your living space driving you around the bend? Got awkward spaces to fill or unusual shapes to work with? Is there a random pillar or irritating partition wall curtailing your space and cramping your style? 

11 Jan. 2019 - General

Tour Bluebird with the Supercar Vlogger

British supercar vlogger Mr JWW swaps his Rolls-Royce for a spaceship as he tours our Bluebird flagship in search of some high octane furniture.

5 Dec. 2018 - General

Great Dining Chairs That Multi-Task

Whether cosied up to create an impromptu reading nook, hard at work at your desk, or pulling overtime as a relaxed nightstand, your dining chairs are primed and ready to become your home’s ultimate furniture multi-taskers.

4 Dec. 2018 - General

The Vintage Home: Upgrade Your Style with Reclaimed Wood Tables, and Handcrafted Sofas

Good design never goes out of style, or so the saying goes. This is why when looking for your next big furniture purchase, or even small accent or ornament, one should remember to look to the past

4 Dec. 2018 - General

Find the Perfect Fit with a Sectional Sofa to Suit Your Space

Once upon a time, seating was a rather lonely affair. After a brief period of popularity that ran from ancient Egyptian to Roman times, the sofa (from the Arabic word, “suffah”, meaning bench) fell firmly out of favour, with society confined to a more solitary seating arrangement for the next thousand or so years.

3 Dec. 2018 - General

Pull Up A Chair: A Guide to Modern Dining Chairs

Once you’ve chosen the perfect dining table for your space, getting the dining chairs to go with it can feel like a bit of an afterthought – often it seems more a case of simply grabbing whatever looks like it might vaguely match or fit into your space.

3 Dec. 2018 - General

Top Tips on How to Care for a Handcrafted Sofa

Here at Timothy Oulton, we’re proud to make high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime… many lifetimes in fact! Nevertheless, they do still require a little bit of tender loving care to make sure they wear their years with pride.

2 Dec. 2018 - General

The Roaring Twenties: Art Deco Armchairs to Love

Glitz, glamour, The Great Gatsby… there’s no arguing that the Art Deco period was one of the most stylish design eras to date.

2 Dec. 2018 - General

From Leather Armchairs to Modern Chandeliers: Key Pieces to Fit Small Spaces

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, and good interior decorating does not discriminate against a lack of square footage. Granted, a smaller home can make fitting in everything you need while maintaining your distinct personality more of a challenge, but it isn’t impossible.

30 Nov. 2018 - General

Five Ways to Make A Chesterfield Sofa Fit Any Home

Take a pinch of club lounge, add in a generous sprinkle of history, and garnish with just the right amount of slouch; a Chesterfield-style sofa more than earns its place in the design hall of fame.

28 Nov. 2018 - General

A Guide to Choosing Your Retro Chair

A house is not a home without an armchair where you can snuggle up with a good book. Often, we spend so much time looking for sofas and other big-ticket pieces that we don’t think about the possibility of adding an armchair until much later in the decorating process.

27 Nov. 2018 - General

Workplace Happiness at The Executive Centre

Who would have thought that a vintage-inspired handcrafted furniture brand would find a place in today’s most exciting workspaces? That’s what makes Timothy Oulton’s partnership with The Executive Centre so special.

27 Nov. 2018 - General

Make It A Night to Remember with Wooden Dining Tables Made for Hosting

We’ve all been there – a casual get-together with friends over nibbles and a quick tipple gradually turns into a night you’ll remember for years to come. And what element is so often instrumental in helping to produce those fun-filled evenings? A great dining table, of course.

27 Nov. 2018 - General

Art Deco Glamour: The Perfect Vintage Sofas, Art Deco Armchairs & Crystal Chandeliers for Your Home

Love the resurgence of Art Deco-inspired interiors and want to recreate it at home? You are not alone – we love it too! If you’re at a loss over where to begin, then we’ve got just the guide for you, featuring some of our favourite pieces.

26 Nov. 2018 - General

Leaving No Stone Unturned: Exotic Materials in our Modern Chandeliers

If you thought chandeliers always had to involve super sparkly crystals or countless ornate candelabra, think again. These days, the term chandelier encompasses a range of contemporary ceiling lights, reinvented into new styles crafted from all manner of materials.

26 Nov. 2018 - General

Create Your Style: Six Modern Living Room Furniture Collections to Fit Any Home

A living room is the beating heart of a home. Whether it’s being used as a formal area for welcoming and entertaining guests, a practical space for the general minutiae of everyday life or a chill-out zone for the whole family to relax in – and all while looking great too

21 Nov. 2018 - General

How to Keep Your Wooden Table in Great Condition

If you’re looking to creating an inviting hub in your home, then start with a great dining table. For many people, a wooden table is the only way to go ­– be that a contemporary reclaimed wood table that adds character to your dining space, or a classic oak table that exudes inviting, tactile warmth.

2 Nov. 2018 - General

Contemporary or Vintage Chandelier? Choosing the Right Light for Your Home

Whether your home is a masterpiece of modernist understatement or a treasure-trove of quirky antique treasures, it’s absolutely vital to find the right lighting for your décor.

1 Nov. 2018 - General

High-Street Versus Designer Furniture: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

In this day and age of fast fashion, it can be tempting to apply the same thinking to home decor and furniture. However, unlike fashion items that you might wear just once or twice, furniture items like sofas, dining tables and desks are things that you could may well use for a whole lifetime

1 Nov. 2018 - General

The London Style Blogger & Her Night at Bluebird

British fashion stylist and lifestyle blogger Claire Chanelle is known for her love of Chanel and Dior, but says when she looks at her beloved Timothy Oulton Rex mirror, “it’s a reminder to myself to never give up, and although things sometimes seem impossible, the reality is; everything is possible if you try hard enough.”