Just in time for Father’s Day, we invited an intimate crowd to the Hong Kong gallery to sample some perfect Father’s Day gifts with our partners – The Glenlivet whisky from Wine Etc, MMT fine watches and Davidoff cigars, as well as some smokin’ hot pieces from Timothy Oulton.

Guests made their way into the Gough Street gallery where the welcome was warm and the gentlemanly pleasures were aplenty. The chaps were looking suave and suited and the ladies effortlessly stylish, as everyone breathed a relaxed sigh after their working day. It was time to chill out and have a bit of fun.

An impressive array of Davidoff cigars greeted guests on arrival; a proud centrepiece on the new Museum dining table. The star cigar was the newly launched Churchill which offers a daring journey for the senses – in the same vein as so many Timothy Oulton pieces – with hints of chilli and cedar wood followed by leather and roasted flavours, smoothly rounding off with creamy and nutty notes.

As guests wandered through the gallery the sound of chatter got louder up the stairs and onto the second floor. Under the sparkle of Crystal, Gyro and Rod chandeliers, rows of MMT watches adorned the Axel bookcases. The 3 letters MMT stand for ‘memento’. Simple and elegant, these leather-strapped timepieces are something to treasure forever. Authentically crafted with a distinctive design, they fitted in seamlessly with the Timothy Oulton furniture.

The crowd started to congregate at the far end of the gallery, and the clinking of glasses could be heard amongst the laughter. Wine Etc had brought three Glenlivets to taste, along with some tropical rum for a touch of summer. Golden drams were poured and the merest splash of water added to warm the liquor. Swirled, sipped and savoured, it was a taste of the lush Scottish highlands from one of the country’s oldest distilleries. British heritage was abound in both the whisky and the surrounds of the gallery.

By this point the ties were well and truly loosened. A group of gents were lounging on the Shabby sectional with their feet up on the Globetrekker Aero coffee table while they chatted to our Honorary Ambassador James Spon-Smith. Other guests were busy flicking through our bound book of unframed maps and art line, while in the far corner a group was getting comfy on the Tufted Tribeca sofa in new Wrecked White leather as they dug into the cheeseboard.

The grand prize draw was announced with some cracking prizes as the room fell quiet in anticipation for the winners. A box of Davidoff Winston Churchill Petite Corona, a 21 year old bottle of The Glenlivet from Wine Etc and a C13 black strap watch from MMT were handed to the lucky winners. Another guest was the proud recipient of a Timothy Oulton Dalian computer sleeve, another great idea for a Father’s Day gift.

The evening continued outside as the cigars were lit and soft plumes of smoke disappeared into the night air. It reminded us of an amusing comment once made by the cigar’s namesake, Sir Winston Churchill: “My rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them.” We’re pretty sure Mr Churchill would have delighted in smoking a cigar with us tonight.

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