Last week, we opened the doors of our 40,000 sq ft showroom, to host the 4th annual Timothy Oulton At Home Show and present the 2015 collection. We’re extremely proud of our home and like any proud home owner, we pulled out all the stops. After months of ‘blood, sweat and tears’, the most spectacular and jaw-dropping show hit the stage; a 3-day event of daring design and decadent dining.

Around 100 special guests travelled from far and wide for an up close and personal experience of the very heart and soul of the Timothy Oulton brand. This year, the theme centred on the ancient art of hosting. In true Timothy Oulton style we twisted it, turned it and electrified it into our unique spirit of hospitality.

The mood was one of anticipation as guests waited for the sliding doors to part and reveal the lavish dining room. Pulses raced at the sight before them; 12,000 fresh velvety roses lay a path atop a beautifully laid marble table set for 100 places. Champagne glasses sparkled, vintage cutlery gleamed and candles softly flickered. Overhead, the elaborate Odeon chandeliers filled the room with drama, sparkling in the dark against sumptuous black drapes. Statues of the Queen and Winston Churchill looked on from their marble plinths, almost with a playful wink, as Churchill’s cigar lit up with a humorous amber glow.

Every evening was a different spectacle, each meal revealed a different experience. Stunning displays were reinvented each night – theatrically themed around gold on the first night, black on the second and silver on the third. Each setting captured a different ambience in new and creative ways. Every detail was meticulously thought out, from exquisite centrepieces to the pressed linen napkins embossed with bowler hats. Hundreds of crystals on the Odeon chandeliers were individually changed by hand each night– first amber, then black, then white – creating a different mood with each colour.  The finest food was served from a menu created and executed by two French chefs who had flown in especially, while music filled the air as guests laughed and chatted over dinner.

Our four-storey showroom was completely remodelled, combining signature knock-out pieces with a taste of our upcoming collections. The warm and welcoming space allowed guests to experience the   designs as though they were in their own home.

Like all good things, the extravaganza came to a close. But as they say “the show must go on” and the magic continues in every Timothy Oulton gallery across the world. “Mi casa es su casa” – our home is your home – and you are most welcome to visit any time.

The new collections will be unveiled in Timothy Oulton galleries from early February 2015.