3 April 2014. The brand new Timothy Oulton gallery at Dawson’s Furniture, Auckland, was revved up and ready to go with the loan of a rare 1971 MacLaren M8F Can-Am car for the launch party. Celebrities, creatives, clients and friends celebrated the grand opening along with Timothy Oulton himself.

 Partnering with family-run business Dawson’s Furniture, the new 250 square metre gallery is just minutes from the main arteries of Auckland’s motorway system with some of the city’s most outstanding beaches just over the hill. The Rosedale precinct lies at the heart of this vibrant area which has become a hub for delicious dining and shopping.

 Our Queens’s guards welcomed guests into a gallery full of surprises as the party got into full swing. The loaned McLaren M8F, one of only several in existence, caused lots of excitement having historically been driven by racing legend Derek Bell MBE who won Le Mans five times, Daytona 24 three times as well as competing in Formula One.

 Our own classic motorbike was also a huge talking point and New Zealand celebrity Colin Mathura-Jeffree couldn’t resist trying out the handlebars. From top to bottom the gallery is filled with quirks from a rowing boat suspended from the ceiling to model sailboats and a vintage windsurfing sail; Timothy Oulton has embraced New Zealand’s love of the outdoors.

The gallery features two of our new collections; Coastal Drift and Adventurer, and introduces Auckland to some of our best-loved pieces including the Junk Art Propeller table and our ‘king of slouchers’ Shabby sofa.