“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.”
Elinor Glyn,
British novelist

The world’s most romantic day is nearly upon us, and we’ve got five great gift ideas to make your other half feel the love.  


Set the mood for romance with Timothy Oulton’s luxury scented candles, whether it’s a Valentine’s Day dinner for two, a candlelit bath or a cosy evening curled up together.

Low light tells our bodies it’s time to relax, while scent activates the brain’s limbic system or ‘emotion-centre’ which processes both our sense of smell and our memories, making scent incredibly powerful at unlocking past feelings.

Timothy Oulton’s candle collection includes 10 distinct aromas. Lawn evokes summers spent picnicking in lush green parks, Royal Garden transports you to English country gardens in full bloom, and Coast conjures up carefree strolls together along the beach.    

For a scent that’s rich and masculine, Timothy Oulton’s signature black pillar candles and tea lights blend the age-old sensuality of candlelight with the heady, all-encompassing aroma of leather, one of the world’s oldest natural materials which as legend has it, was worn by Adam and Eve.    

Each candle in the collection has been crafted by master perfumers and makes a beautiful gift this Valentine’s Day. 


For a thoughtful and romantic gift, place your favourite photo in this stunning photo frame made from natural horn. From spontaneous moments captured on film to that unforgettable trip together, precious memories need a worthy showcase. 


Doffing our hat to a great night in, this playful Bowler Hat bottle opener is a new take on Timothy Oulton’s symbolic bowler hat motif and makes a fun gift for your loved one. Set the table, light the candles, grab a drink and enjoy a romantic evening with good company. Life, as we like to say, is better with a bowler hat. 


Timothy Oulton’s Maps collection pays homage to some of the most visited world cities, perfect for reminiscing on past journeys with your loved one, or inspiring new adventures together. Choose from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Moscow, New York, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Stockholm, and Tokyo. Available framed or unframed. 


The perfect gift for the cigar aficionado, the exquisitely crafted Timothy Oulton All-In Humidor is available in four stunning playing card designs for the modern gentleman. Sculpted from solid African Okoume wood, a premium-quality odourless timber, free from resin, which will perfectly preserve the flavour of each cigar.


Visit your nearest Timothy Oulton gallery to choose the perfect Valentine’s Day gift from our original, authentically handcrafted furniture and accessories.