Chesterfield Redux Vol 2 - Tuft Love | Timothy Oulton

A classic Chesterfield sofa commands attention in any room. And while this design icon has endured the test of time, British designer Timothy Oulton is breathing a fresh new spirit into its traditional bones, using new leathers and finishes that transform it from old-fashioned stalwart to the life and soul of the party. Timothy Oulton’s Chesterfield Redux is inviting, enduring, full of life and personality, and a perfect anchor point for the modern sophisticated home.

Timothy Oulton’s signature leather finish Buck’dN Brok’n features a supple, richly burnished surface that almost demands living life to the fullest. With a rich patina replete with scratches, scars and the marks of use, it is neither precious nor traditional, but rather warm and inviting. It presents itself as ready for any occasion, the hub of any room, bringing people together to enjoy good company, and ready to outlast wine spills, dancing bodies or rambunctious children.

The story of the Chesterfield is one of class and grit, qualities that epitomise Timothy Oulton’s approach to life. With roots dating back to the 1700s, it was adored by the Victorians, while during the jazz filled, booze soaked Roaring Twenties, no discerning host would be without one. Things took a turn when the sleek and linear shapes of modernism hit the scene, and while the Chesterfield was temporarily exiled to stuffy gentlemen’s clubs and staid old libraries, the inherent character of this enduring icon meant it never died, as it patiently awaited reinvention.

Quality Chesterfields are hallmarked by their deep hand-tufting, deep folds and traditional construction methods. During Tim Oulton’s early years in the antiques trade, he’d jump on every old Chesterfield he could find, and today he makes his Chesterfield Collection with the same time-honoured techniques, creating something of seriously high quality, ready to withstand the punishment of daily rigour.

Chesterfield Redux Vol 2 - Tuft Love | Timothy Oulton Apollo by TOS

Timothy Oulton’s Tuft Love includes versions such as an epic 6-seater, buttoned or feather-filled cushion options, armchairs and stools, as well as other eccentricities including a miniature version and a Chesterfield dog day bed. Presented in an array of hand finished vintage and modern leathers, indigo dyed leather, and printed velvets, the collection exudes the perfect balance of edginess and elegance.

And Tuft Love also extends to Timothy Oulton’s global design projects, including the Apollo space lounge (pictured left), featuring a bespoke hand-tufted leather interior inside a polished stainless steel-clad capsule modelled on Apollo 11.

Tim Oulton: “The Chesterfield is one of the great enduring icons of design. It’s just as relevant in today’s homes as it was 100 years ago because it’s still the perfect anchor point in a room, whether for a cocktail party, a family gathering or a cosy fireside chat. Our version, the Westminster Button Buck’dN Brok’n – is built with all the hallmarks of a classic Chesterfield, making it tough enough to withstand the cut and thrust of modern living, and our unique hand-finishing gives it a modern, lived-in feel, so it’s not precious, but a part of your life. The beauty is, you can put it into any style of interior and it just works.”

Timothy Oulton’s Chesterfield Collection is available in a wide range of hand-finished leathers, linens and velvets.

Discover Chesterfield sofas by Timothy Oulton and visit your closest gallery for some Tuft Love.

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10 Modern Expressions of the Chesterfield


Westminster Button Sofa in Buck’dN Brok’n Leather

Timothy Oulton’s Westminster Button sofa is now available for the first time in Buck’dN Brok’n leather; a richly textured finish that features scores, scratches, worn and burnished surfaces, all of which hint at a storied past. Skilled craftsmen blend this cracked and damaged look with the leather’s natural softness to create a totally unique, luxurious experience.



Westminster Button Sofa in Jack’dN Brok’n Leather

Chesterfield Redux Vol 2 - Tuft Love | Timothy Oulton Westminster Button Jack'dN Brok'N

The Westminster Button in Jack’dN Brok’n has all the daring hallmarks of Timothy Oulton coupled with authentic handcraftsmanship. This innovative finish is created from aniline leathers that have been overpainted with the Union Jack graphic and then heavily distressed by skilled master craftsmen. Simple wooden and serrated tools are used to score, scratch and break the surface of the leather on the finished piece, for an extreme, heavily distressed look. Each piece is completely one of a kind and crafted with pride.



Chesterfield Redux Vol 2 - Tuft Love | Timothy Oulton

Westminster Feather 6-Seater Sofa

Available in a generously appointed 4-seater or 6-seater model, this epic Chesterfield sofa is perfect for an entertainer’s paradise. Pour your guests a drink and get the playlist going – pretty soon you’ll have people lounging on the seat, making themselves comfortable on an arm, or perching on the back. This is a sofa that brings everyone together, making it the centerpiece of any party.



Chesterfield Dog Bed

Honouring Man’s best friend, this tufted leather dog bed is finished in soft Safari Black leather, giving your canine companion somewhere luxuriously comfortable to rest, while still looking impeccably stylish in your interior. The bed measures 120cms long by 90cms wide.

Dog Bed - Chesterfield Redux Vol 2 - Tuft Love | Timothy Oulton



Westminster Feather Sofa in Vagabond Leather

In this ‘king of comfort’ combination, the Westminster Feather adopts the best of both worlds with rich Vagabond leather and soft, feather filled seat cushions. The traditionally refined shape takes on a more relaxed, lived-in look, while retaining every bit of that classic Chesterfield charisma. Vagabond leather is painstakingly treated by hand over and over again to create the perfect, most authentic distressed look, coupled with a beautiful well-worn hand feel. It is a leather imbued with that timeless sense of “a story to be told”, of a life already half lived, and lived fully.



Serpentine Sofa in Faded & Degraded ‘Melting Paisley’ Velvet

A fully buttoned-up Chesterfield-style sofa with elegant contours and classic hand-tufting. Named after the Serpentine river, due to its languid curve of the front seat, which lends a softer, more feminine silhouette for glamorous interiors. Shown in sumptuous Faded & Degraded velvet, a richly layered pattern based on a background of faded Victorian damask wallpaper with a contrasting splattered ink overlay.



Westminster Button Sofa in Woven Linen Ash

Chesterfield Redux Vol 2 - Tuft Love | Timothy Oulton Westminster Button in Woven Linen Ash

Covered in the cool touch of Woven Linen Ash, this classic hand-tufted Chesterfield takes on a fresh, contemporary feel, sitting right at home in light and airy interiors. This pure, 100% linen has a solid, thickly-woven texture that feels extremely soft to the touch for a relaxed yet sophisticated look.



Lord Digsby Round Footstool

Chesterfield Redux Vol 2 - Tuft Love | Timothy Oulton Lord Digsby Footstools

Button up with Lord Digsby, newly available in an elegant round shape. Inspired by the furniture that would have filled the well-heeled homes of the 19th century, the Lord Digsby is fully tufted by hand and constructed using authentic time honoured techniques, with studded taped leather trim around the bottom edge for a crisp finish.



Exclusive to Bluebird in London – Westminster Button Sofa in Ronin Indigo Leather

Chesterfield Redux Vol 2 - Tuft Love | Timothy Oulton Westminster Button Ronin Indigo Sofa

Embodying the heart and soul of the Timothy Oulton brand, the limited edition Westminster Button brings together timeless design in the shape of a hand-tufted Chesterfield with 100% natural indigo-dyed leather. A limited edition of 50 pieces, each sofa is emblazoned with a special plaque commemorating the Bluebird opening, and features shiny steel legs and 1550 hand-applied silver studs for a more contemporary take on the classic Chesterfield silhouette.



Westminster Button Sofa in Faded & Degraded ‘Peat Smudge’ Velvet

The Westminster Button updates its classic Chesterfield roots with a more glamorous persona in Faded and Degraded velvets.  Two-seater shown in Peat Smudge; a unique and creative colourway which merges a traditional paisley pattern with an overlay of abstract art. Peat Smudge is designed in soft hues of light and dark greys, evoking faded grandeur from a bygone era in a soothing colour.



Tribeca Tufted Sofa

Oversized proportions and a classically tufted exterior maintain a sumptuous sophistication in the Tribeca Tufted sofa; a contemporary nod to the timeless Chesterfield. Shown here in Destroyed Black; a softly worn, hand-distressed leather finish to perfectly complement the strong high-framed arms and cosiest of lounging cushions.



Mini Westminster

Chesterfield Redux Vol 2 - Tuft Love | Timothy Oulton Mini Westminster Sofa

Button up with this Alice in Wonderland-esque miniature Chesterfield and bring a touch of British eccentricity to your interior.

A quirky display piece for a desk or bookcase, crafted with the same skills and precision as the life-size version, finished in hand-distressed leather with hand-tufted detailing.