In celebration of the official birthday of Her Majesty the Queen of England, we decided to throw a bit of a royal do, daring to host the world’s longest afternoon tea. From Auckland to San Francisco, thousands of cakes and gallons of tea were served in 20 of our stores across 18 cities at exactly 4pm, as we honoured the Trooping of the Colour in quintessentially British style.

4pm Auckland, 5am London. The Queen’s sovereign state New Zealand is the first stop on this 21 hour marathon. Timothy Oulton at Dawsons, Auckland, is filled with the delicious smell of buttered scones as the party begins.

As the Queen is waking up and getting ready for the day, a fresh tablecloth is laid in Sydney and Melbourne at our Coco Republic galleries.  Our stores in Hong Kong and at Curio in Singapore get their vintage British china ready and Beirut puts on a right royal spread.

After 10 hours, it’s finally teatime in Europe. Amsterdam, Antwerp, Marbella and Reims hang out the royal bunting. Our afternoon tea arrives home to Harrods and Abergavenny in time for the official celebrations.

The party continues across the Atlantic in Canada at Timothy Oulton at Luxe in Victoria, namesake of another great British monarch. The teacups are clinking in New York as our gallery at ABC flies the flag with a fresh stack of cakes. Barbados puts on another brew and Dallas tucks into a birthday feast.

4pm San Francisco, midnight in London. As the Queen falls soundly asleep, the party’s still going strong in San Francisco and LA at HD Buttercup. Finally, our tribute to royal Brittania draws to a close after 21 hours of copious eating, drinking and laughing in some of the world’s best cities. Many happy returns Ma’am, here’s to doing it all again next year.