Here at Timothy Oulton, we’re proud to make high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime… many lifetimes in fact! Nevertheless, they do still require a little bit of tender loving care to make sure they wear their years with pride.


How To Look After Your Handcrafted Sofa

Caring for your furniture doesn’t have to take much time or effort, but it can make all the difference in ensuring that your most-loved pieces actually look better over the years rather than worse! Here are a few tips on how to care for our different types of sofa.


Leather Love

We take great pride in the quality of our leather upholstery and always use real, uncoated leather that celebrates the natural personality, individuality and richness of each piece of material. Creases, colour discrepancies and areas of grain variance are in no way detrimental to our sofas – they’re simply proof that our leathers are the real deal! Don’t be alarmed if its colour or texture changes over time, as leather actually grows more beautiful and characterful with age. In the same way new shoes need to be broken in, new sofas do too – leather is pretty durable and naturally elastic, stretching with use.

For general care, simply lightly dust or vacuum your sofa on a regular basis; avoid hard rubbing when cleaning as this could damage the leather’s colour or finish. You should never use “standard” cleaning products to remove dust, spills or stains from leather, as these could damage the material further. Instead, look for specialist leather cleaning products, which can be carefully used on several of our leather finishes (see here for the full list); if your sofa’s leather finish isn’t on that list, or you’re not sure how to proceed, contact a professional leather specialist for advice.

Avoid placing your leather sofa too close to a heat source (which can cause cracking) or direct sunlight (which can cause cracking, discolouration or fading), and don’t sit on the arms, back or very edges of your sofa either (which could distort your sofa’s shape permanently). Remember to take extra care with light coloured leathers too; clothing or items with transferable dyes can sometimes mark the leather itself.


Vivacious Velvet

In order to keep your velvet sofa as gloriously soft and lustrous as the day you bought it, spot clean it using a mild, water-free solvent or dry-cleaning product (water-based products can create stains); remember to test the product on an inconspicuous area first though. You can also use a soft brush, like a baby’s hairbrush, to brush the nap of the upholstery during cleaning – velvet’s colour can appear to change depending on the direction of the nap.

However, for more extensive cleaning – and for all cleaning of our uniquely patterned and layered Faded & Degraded velvets – we recommend consulting a professional upholstery cleaner.


Lovely Linen

The two most durable types of linen in our collection are our Woven Linen and Scuff Linen. For small marks, these can both be spot cleaned with upholstery shampoo, mild detergent foam or a mild dry-cleaning product; don’t totally saturate the fabric with liquid though, as this could cause permanent stains. Cushion covers can be removed and dry cleaned when necessary, although do bear in mind that this may alter their colour in comparison to the rest of the linen upholstery; for extensive cleaning or further advice, it’s best to consult a professional upholstery cleaner.

Meanwhile, our Whispy Linen and Natural Linen fabrics are a little more delicate. For this reason, we recommend professional cleaning for both spot cleaning and extensive cleans.

Now you know how to look after it, it’s onto the fun stuff – choosing your new sofa! Here are a few of our favourites to tickle your fancy.


Westminster Button Sofa

Westminster Button is our reinvention of a traditional Chesterfield sofa – classic but contemporary, just the way we like it. Showcasing that distinctive Chesterfield deep buttoning detail, this handcrafted sofa is made using time-honoured construction methods, with the three-seater featuring around 135 individually tufted buttons. Meanwhile, our Westminster Feather injects an extra dose of luxury thanks to plump down-filled cushions that make lounging a must.

Our range of distressed leather finishes with stud detailing further imbue it with the feel of an antique sofa, but with cushy comfy proportions that make it perfect for modern-day life. If you’re aiming for a lighter breezier vibe, opt for upholstery in one of our linen fabrics, whilst our plush velvets will add a touch of lavish decadence to your living space; these fabric finishes come with piping detailing rather than studs as a chic finishing touch.


Viscount William Sofa

This perfectly-proportioned sofa is a true all-rounder, looking just as great in urban loft apartments as it does in more traditionally-styled settings. Viscount William’s timeless vibe comes thanks to its strong graphic shape, which makes it an understated anchor to your living space.

Sophisticated studding runs down each arm for a further flash of design flair. As for the upholstery, choose from our collection of buttery leathers, refined velvets or soft linens in a range of striking colours and finishes to best match your personal aesthetic… we couldn’t possibly pick a favourite!


Serpentine Sofa

This ravishingly retro sofa has curves to spare, with buxom contours that deliver a shot of sensuality to the traditional Chesterfield-style. Serpentine combines classic hand-tufting with generous proportions and a softer, more tactile silhouette – making this exactly the sort of sofa you’ll look forward to sinking into after a long day at the grind.

As we all know, it’s the little things that count – which is why we’ve chosen classy stud detailing to set off Serpentine’s array of gorgeous leather upholstery options, whilst its fabric versions (including luscious velvet and contemporary linen) come finished with subtle piping detailing instead.