On the 17th of July, lifestyle and furniture brand Timothy Oulton opened its first Melbourne store in partnership with Coco Republic, located at 488 Church street in Richmond.

Keeping in touch with its traditions, the event featured distinctively British hallmarks such as a red phone booth, two Queen’s guards, classic Minis for an impressive on-street presence and to add icing to the cake, three adorable English bulldogs.

With many people attending and Pluto Jone’s live piano music to entertain the lot, our furniture found just its spot to offer an unparalleled visual experience thanks to its careful layering and display. Glenmorangie Scotch Whisky cocktails, Veuve Clicquot Champagne, canapés and traditional British wholesome food did the rest to ensure a quality night to all those who were there.

Present at the event were Anthony Spon-Smith, Coco Republic Executive Director, Neale Whitaker, editor in Chief for Belle Magazine and judge for the Australian reality show ‘The Block’, as well as Timothy Oulton CEO Frank Spikker. This is to add to the crowd of 250 architects, interior designers and select melbournites that were attending this exclusive event.

The Melbourne gallery showcases a blend of what we do best; authentic handcrafted furniture together with original vintage items that have been uncovered by our dealers around the world’s flea markets. An actual trove, the store holds an original yellow submarine, horse riding boots and helmets, as well as what we affectionately call the pillars of knowledge, custom-built columns made of vintage books.

Many thanks to everyone who attended, you all contributed to this being a great night. We look forward to seeing you back in our store now that you know the way, although we can’t guarantee the British bulldogs will still be on duty.

Timothy Oulton in Melbourne – 488 Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne, VIC 3121