The month of June witnessed the opening of Timothy Oulton galleries in Canada. Partnering with Luxe Interiors in Victoria, UpCountry in Toronto and Fraser Furniture in Montreal, Timothy Oulton celebrated its debut on Canadian grounds with both style and taste.

At the Victoria opening, guests walked to the “Timothy Oulton Bus Stop” where classic British rock was playing in the background and boarded a Victoria trolley to transport them around the block to the main entrance of the Timothy Oulton gallery.  While on the bus, Luxe Home Interiors co-owners Scott Elias and Darren Ausmus set the scene for the sights, sounds, tastes, and aromas that awaited them. At the entrance guests were greeted by a pair of beefeaters. Entering the door all guests were handed a glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne.

In Montreal, it was a cool, breezey evening befit for a British gala and out on the red carpet, BMW Canbec Mini Mont Royal added a touch of Brit motoring chic with their sleek Mini Coopers.

The truly British theme had been respected by almost everyone, with many guests dressed in Union Jack attire, and others opting for our signature bowler hats providing the best outfit for the catwalk and photo shoot sessions.

The food offered a taste of British wonders, including British pies, British cheese shop with whisky soaked fruit and nuts, mini Cornish pasties, Westcoast smoked salmon, and delicious deserts such as millionaire shortbread, raspberry lemon tarts, scones topped with Devonshire cream & jam, and mini cupcakes topped with red, white and blue frosting and a bowler hat.

The  Victoria venue hosted 175 attendees, among whom we could count singer Tal Bachman, author David Bouchard, CTV reporters Astrid Braunshmidt and Steven Andrew, and our two heroes of the night, 94 year old twins Jean Keane and Bonnie Howley.

All events featured lively musical scenes and classic British rock songs. In Victoria, the venue was made a success with guests unexpectedly dancing to the music of the Katzenjammers, contributing to an excited and celebratory atmosphere which only ended around 2pm. In Montreal, rock band Replay tuned in with the crowd to offer a performance featuring the revival of British classics the Beatles, somehow consistent with our Yellow Submarine vintage piece. Spot on!

The Timothy Oulton team would love the chance to welcome you to one of their Canadian stores if you ever happen to be in the neighborhood. So if you pass by, please come in!

Timothy Oulton at Luxe Home Interior – 2655 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4M2, Canada

Timothy Oulton at UpCountry – 310 King Street East, Toronto, ON, M5A 1K6, Canada

Timoth Oulton at Fraser Furniture – 8300 Desvonshire, Montreal, Quebec, H4P 2P7, Canada