We English love to go abroad. Having started out back in Manchester in the 1980s, the Timothy Oulton brand now spans the globe, but what has us particularly chuffed is our latest partnership, which feels just like coming home. We are proud to announce the launch of the first Timothy Oulton gallery in London at Harrods, the most iconic department store in the world.

Harrods is without question the greatest success in the heritage of British retail trade. Harrods stocks the best the world has to offer so they can deliver on their motto Omnia Omnibus Ubique – all things, for all people, everywhere. The 2,700-square-foot Timothy Oulton gallery showcases the best in British design, an aesthetic which respects tradition and understands the need for innovation. We’re sophisticated but we can also be a bit relaxed round the edges. Timothy Oulton dares to straddle that line, and to insist on working with the finest materials and artisans we can find.

Tim says ‘Harrods is the perfect place to show our range because they are committed to curating the best Britain has to offer. We love that people can come to our gallery space, feel the quality of our leather and timbers and see the craftsmanship that goes into every piece, and then go out under the iconic lights of the Knightsbridge store into the dusk. It’s the quintessential London experience.’

The gallery features Metro, Beat Generation, Sports Club and Loft Living roomsets, one-off vintage statement pieces and accessories, and lots more besides. We think it will bring a bit of rock and roll heart to Brompton Road.

Timothy Oulton at Harrods, Third Floor, 87 – 135 Brompton Road, Knighstbridge, London SW1X 7XL