The name’s Oulton, Timothy Oulton.  From the 14th to the 18th August 2013, in the heart of Monterey Auto Week, we proudly collaborated on a ‘for your eyes only’ mission with Aston Martin to furnish the venues of their lavish centenary celebrations.

The iconic car company unveiled a trio of hotly anticipated new models at their stunning Monterey estate, and in lifestyle store HD Buttercup.

Worthy of a James Bond filming location, Aston Martin’s exclusive Pebble Beach Estate was filled with automobile connoisseurs and Aston Martin enthusiasts all gathered for the grand reveal of the new Vanquish Volante, V12 Vantage S and the eagerly awaited CC100 Speedster Concept. The crowd of excited guests relaxed in stylish comfort in the Timothy Oulton designed Entertainment, Experience and Design rooms at the estate, idyllically situated high above Carmel with panoramic views over Monterey.

Timothy Oulton and Aston Martin share a proud British heritage, with core values in authentic handcraftsmanship and a passion for aesthetics. We are well-founded friends, having previously collaborated at last year’s Pebble Beach event, and at venues showcasing the latest 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish and DB9 both in the Timothy Oulton Gallery in Dallas, and in Los Angeles.

Timothy Oulton was also present in the Experimental lounge, where guests eagerly signed up for Aston Martin test-drives. In the lounge area cosiness met sleek design; mostly apparent in the Mars chair’s combination of hand-moulded metal and distressed leather, and the Zazenne chest’s clean lines inspired by Japanese architecture.

Aston Martin’s centenary event gave Timothy Oulton an opportunity to offer guests a glimpse of our carefully selected handcrafted furniture, mixing the daring with the more traditional. The newly launched Black Spitfire range and Saddle chair in Moo finish demonstrated our avant-garde edge. Audacious and directional pieces in Marble and Blackhawk finish showed off innovative flair while a pile of stacked trunks and the Gyro Crystal chandelier, with its framework of aged metal spheres, hinted at a bygone age of tradition.

A sensational photo shoot showcased Aston Martin’s recently unveiled cars with some of Timothy Oulton’s most iconic pieces.  The Aston Martin DB5, the one from James Bond movies, paired with our Mars chair in Old Saddle Nut finish whereas the lately released Vanquish Volante paired with our Saddle chair in Moo finish. These combinations exuded all the expertise, craftsmanship and time-honoured techniques that are required for such beautiful pieces. With a common British background, this collaboration helped underline both companies’ commitment to vintage aesthetic and enduring design.

In a separate unveiling at California’s trendy lifestyle store HD Buttercup, Aston Martin presented the new Vanquish Volante alongside Timothy Oulton’s Perpetual bedding collection. Our revolutionary bed is painstakingly handcrafted with no less than 150 man hours of labour and expertise. A real work of art, the bed combines the highest quality materials including timber, steel, New Zealand wool and premium feathers, with the latest technology to perfect its spring system. Guests were encouraged to appreciate a full sensory experience and lie down on the bedding to feel how unique this collection is.

The Timothy Oulton collection is perfectly matched to the heart and soul of the Aston Martin brand; sophisticated and daring, authentic and full of unique character.