Rekindle an old flame this Valentine’s Day with Timothy Oulton’s sensuous scented candles.

Light is magical, fire is primal, and a candle’s soft glow and dancing flicker infuses any space with romance. Low light signals that it’s time to relax, making us more at ease, breaking down barriers.

At the same time, scent activates our limbic system, our internal ‘emotion-centre’, which controls both our sense of smell and our memories, intrinsically linking the two together.

Entwining the familiar with the unexpected, Timothy Oulton’s scented candles transport you to freshly cut grass fields, English country gardens and cosy winter evenings in. For heightened drama, Timothy Oulton’s signature black pillar candles blend the romance of candlelight with the heady, all-encompassing aroma of leather, which as legend has it, was worn by Adam and Eve.

The Egyptians were using wicked candles as far back as 3000 BC but it was the ancient Romans who embraced the idea, dipping rolled papyrus in wax to light their homes. By the Middle Ages, candle-making had become a guild craft in Europe and candles began illuminating the darkness in homes, castles and churches with their softly lit sparkle.

Capturing all the magic of candlelight, Timothy Oulton’s candle collection revisits times gone by, when people made more time, more effort, and perhaps connected more deeply. The perfect way to set the mood this Valentine’s Day.