Set the mood for romance with Timothy Oulton’s sultry new leather-scented candles.

Timothy Oulton’s new signature candles capture the timeless sensuality of candle-light, dressed all in black for heightened drama and a whisper of mystery. The thrill of romance is coupled with the evocative aroma of leather; a heady, all-encompassing scent imbued with powerful emotion, entwining the familiar with the unexpected. As Oscar Wilde said; “The very essence of romance is uncertainty”.

Light is magical, fire is primal, and a candle’s soft glow and dancing flicker infuses romance to the starkest space. Feelings and memories are stirred. A sense of history is evoked of times gone by, when people took more time, made more effort and engaged face to face.

The Egyptians were using wicked candles as far back as 3000 BC but it was the ancient Romans who developed the idea further, dipping rolled papyrus in wax to light their homes. In 221-226 BC during the Qin Dynasty, the Chinese began making their own candles from whale fat, and later from beeswax. By the Middle Ages, candle-making had become a guild craft in Europe and candles began illuminating the darkness in homes, castles and churches with their softly lit sparkle.