As featured in the South China Morning Post, Tim Oulton and his lead designer Michael Yeung envision the ultimate study-come-art studio for the Renaissance man.




The modern-day Renaissance man requires a study that isn’t limited to just books – because art and design are also a large part of his life.  Leonardo Da Vinci, the original Renaissance man, was a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, inventor…he explored and developed every interest he had, without limiting himself to just one aspect of his skills. The Renaissance man needs a place where he can both satiate his curiosity and express his inventive imagination, so his ultimate man cave should really be a hybrid of both study and art studio.

The concept of the design was to capture all the different aspects of the Renaissance man; his love of literature in the library, the need to spread his creative wings in the multi-functional workspace, a loft study to be alone and think, a bar and den to interact and be inspired amongst like-minded friends – fellow Renaissance men.



The imagined setting is a fusion of old and new, using the site of an industrial styled building and giving it new life. The most advanced ideas, knowledge, technology and styling are contrasted within an old building that once in its day housed the forefront of technology.

The tunnel entrance is set to be the prologue to what the place stands for as a Renaissance man’s art/design studio. The past is set and is where all our knowledge progresses from, but step through the entrance, through the tunnel which bridges past to present, and enter where the future is set. Art and design augments from and through the past, and arrives in the present momentarily before it becomes the future.


Enter Inside…


Art & Design Studio

Through the tunnel, enter into the Art & Design studio. This large open space includes two workstations, each with its own industrial roll up door and heavy duty steel platform large enough for artworks, machinery or whatever our Renaissance man wishes to experiment with to satisfy his thirst for knowledge and creativity.

The original cement floors and walls have been kept, asides from one feature wall of timber to add warmth and depth.  A seating area features Mars MK3 chairs and a cluster of Bernoulli pendants – replicated above each work desk.  State of the art computers on the desks are linked within the studio and also to a mainframe so all his work is still accessible wherever he is, in the studio or half way across the world.


Library & Den

There’s a 320sqm library and archive room at the back left of the studio as you enter, as well as a den on the other side of the library for when our Renaissance man wants to relax or engage in conversations with his fellow Renaissance men. The cosy Den features the Zenna sectional sofa, rustic English Beam coffee table, Hudson bar cupboard and a Vintage Persian rug to add texture and warmth to the concrete floor. A James Bond wall mural on the back wall adds a fun, unexpected element. A separate fully functional bar is also included next to the Den for when a drink is required.



Floating timber stairs lead from the den up to the loft area, secluded from the rest of the studio and fitted with a sound system which includes a turntable and tube amp in case the mood for classical or acoustic music arises. The system can still be connected through any digital device of course. It’s the perfect place for deep thoughts or studying.


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