There is absolutely no need to stick to a matching dining table and chair set. We might even go as far as saying it’d be misguided and frankly, daft, to have everything so matchy-matchy – why miss an opportunity to express your personal style? What we’re trying to say is, don’t pass on a dining room table that you love just because it doesn’t come in a complete set with chairs.

While your dining chairs and table don’t need to be completely matching, you do still need to make sure they complement each other’s respective styles and scales. Here are some practical reminders on what to look out for.


Pick ‘n’ Mix: how to pair up dining chairs with your dream dining room table

The best way to approach this is to choose a table and chairs that have one thing in common – that could be the colour of the finish, material, style period, profile and form, or the degree of formality. Love to linger over laid-back lunches with friends? Then generously upholstered leather dining chairs offer your ideal choice for maximum comfort. Looking for longevity from your dining furniture? Then wooden dining chairs offer enduring style and durability for many gatherings to come.

Don’t have too many overlapping qualities or you might as well just buy a matching set in the first place. Our styling 101 advice would be that a glass-topped or farmhouse wooden dining table tend to be more flexible in terms of which dining chairs they can pair with; a farmhouse table probably pairs easiest with modern chairs, and a glass top will give you more leeway in experimenting with different styles of chairs.

Even if you’ve fallen head over heels, always check your space before you commit. If you’ve chosen dining chairs with armrests, make sure that the tops of the arms fit beneath the table to avoid potential damage to your furniture. You also want to make sure you and fellow diners can sit close enough to the table to eat comfortably – after all, sharing a meal is meant to be a social occasion! If your space is generous, oval dining tables make a curvaceous design statement, while a square dining table uses the available space efficiently in any dining room.

To help you along the way, we’ve paired up five dining room tables and five styles of dining chairs from our collection to spark some style inspiration.


Axel MK2 Dining Table & Mimi Dining Chair

The Axel MK2’s main draw is its reclaimed wood tabletop – crafted from decommissioned, Chinese fishing junks – which is supported by a hand-treated metal frame. Thanks to decades of exposure to Mother Nature, each of its reclaimed wooden planks reveal a different colouration and texture, meaning every piece is unique. Juxtapose the Axel with the classic Art Deco-style Mimi Dining Chair; we like it upholstered in a plush navy velvet for added surprise when paired with the distressed look of the MK2. Whichever chair finish you opt for, make sure you go for a subdued tone to match the table’s colouration.


Hestia Dining Table & Angeles Dining Chair

With eye-catching golden veins of liquid brass sprawled out across a polished black marble tabletop, Hestia is perfect for adding a touch of drama and glamour to your home. Dial up the gloss with the Angeles Dining Chair (which was inspired from a vintage gem that Tim picked up in an LA antique market) – especially the all-in-black leather finish embellished with hand-applied studs.


Iceberg Dining Table & Sparrow Dining Chair

The smooth and gleaming Iceberg glass dining table is an homage to Arctic glaciers, and the polar explorers who brave them. The minimalist glass-top works well with many design styles and gives you the opportunity to push your style boundaries when picking out chairs. Here, we’ve paired the table with our Sparrow Dining Chairs, which are wrapped all over in aniline leather for an arresting textural contrast.


Junction Marble & Vintage Bianco Mimi Dining Chair

Marble is an easy way to add a touch of luxe to your dining room, and pretty much never goes out of style. Pair white with white here by combining our Junction Marble Table with our Vintage Bianco Mimi Dining Chair. The warmth of the weathered oak dining chairs’ legs creates a lovely juxtaposition with the cool, slick marble and white leather upholstery.


Scorched Dining Table & Kimono Dining Chair

Bring a touch of Asian-inspired Zen to your dining room with the Scorched Dining Table & Kimono Dining Chair. This calm and composed duo share the same clean lines and architectural aesthetic, resulting in a look that’s ideal for minimalist interiors. That doesn’t mean they’ve stinted on the details though; Scorched’s tactile tabletop is made from hand-charred planks of ash timber (inspired by shou sugi ban, the ancient Japanese technique of preserving wood), whilst Kimono’s soft but structured silhouette takes its design cues from the Japanese art of folding.


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