British fashion stylist and lifestyle blogger Claire Chanelle is known for her love of Chanel and Dior, but says when she looks at her beloved Timothy Oulton Rex mirror, “it’s a reminder to myself to never give up, and although things sometimes seem impossible, the reality is; everything is possible if you try hard enough.”


So when we invited Claire to the show-stopping launch party of our new flagship at Bluebird, she couldn’t wait to come and meet Tim and see our brand new space in her home turf of Chelsea. Writing about it on her blog Claire says, “I knew the store would be amazing, but I was not prepared for how incredible it was when I saw it for the first time. The huge space oozes creativity, glamour and beauty in a way I have never experienced before.”


A self-confessed tomboy, Claire loves to mix feminine looks with a more masculine touch, and says, “As Timothy Oulton does exactly this with interiors, this really speaks to my personal style and I always come away from the store with hundreds of ideas. I see fashion styling the same as interior design styling; it is all about starting with a vision.” (read here to find out why this vision includes ostrich feathers and champagne bottles!)


Claire shares her beautiful Kensington apartment with her French husband Paris, and their two Chihuahua’s; Tallulah and Bambi. She loves “Parisian interiors with a touch of the English countryside” so the Art Deco meets industrial vibe of the Rex collection proved love at first sight: “When I look at my Rex mirror it reminds me that I went from looking at this piece on my lunch break when working at Harrods, to now owning it in my dream home. I used to get home from work and tell Paris about this mirror and even dragged him to see it. We both feel it is a reminder of how far we have come together.”


Read Claire’s full report of our Bluebird launch party plus her interior style tips and love affair with Rex – all on her stylishly curated blog.