Drawing on his love of collegiate design, Timothy Oulton presents a trio of intellectuals: the Mentor chair, the Professor chair, and the Scholar chair. Inspired by the traditional armchairs found in English universities, the designs are also influenced by Tim’s childhood at Ampleforth boarding school in Yorkshire, where he would wander the vast halls and library filled with antique leather furniture, memories which would have a lasting impact on his future designs.  


THE MENTOR CHAIR: A Modern Wingback in Woven Leather

The Mentor takes its cue from the classic wingback shape. Woven leather on the seat and back offers a creative take on tradition, with timber legs adding to the contemporary feel. Bold curves are juxtaposed by slim square arms, while a high back gives maximum support and comfort.


The gratifyingly rich and textural surface of the woven leather feels incredibly soft to the skin thanks to Timothy Oulton’s signature hand-finishing techniques, giving the leather its worn look and warm, buttery feel. Simple tools and time-honoured techniques are used to apply the translucent dyes and distress the hide. Leather panels for the seat and back are then pre-cut with slits, ready to hand-weave the leather strips using a needle and thread.


Mentor is exclusively available in Destroyed Raw or Destroyed Black leather. The natural colour of the hide is exposed along the raw edges of the strips, creating a striking visual contrast when finished in Destroyed Black.


THE SCHOLAR CHAIR: Clever Curves & Distinctive Detailing

The Scholar chair has generously curved lines, modern wingtips and distinctive hand-applied brass studding. A favourite chair for strategic thinking or to sit and debate the day.

Available in a wide range of rich leathers, exotic cowhide, breezy linens and sumptuous velvets.


THE PROFESSOR CHAIR and its Alter Egos: Professor Spitfire, Stud Professor, Furious Professor, and Punk Professor

A Timothy Oulton classic, the Professor chair is inspired by a vintage English armchair – a stalwart of timeless design. Studs are applied individually by hand across the front and sides, adding a refined, sophisticated feel. The smaller proportions make it compact enough to go just about anywhere, but don’t let its stature fool you – the Professor offers incredible comfort due to its distinctive rounded back and clever contouring. 

The original Professor has evolved over time with alter egos including the Furious Professor, Stud Professor, Professor Spitfire and Punk Professor.


Professor Spitfire: Edgy & Industrial

Remastered for a modern and industrial feel, the Professor Spitfire contrasts luxuriously soft hand-finished leather with the ruggedness of riveted aluminium panels, inspired by the iconic World War II fighter plane. Timothy Oulton’s signature Spitfire finish goes through several stages of hand-distressing to achieve its authentically worn look.


Stud Professor: Ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll

The classic Professor chair shows a rebellious streak in this daring version, inspired by the studding on 1960s leather rock’n’roll jackets. The outside of the chair is wrapped in studded Pixel leather for a hard, protective feeling, while the interior of the seat is incredibly comfortable and soft to the touch.


Furious Professor: Rich and Red-blooded

Clad in a rich skin of Safari leather, the Furious Professor chair belies its compact form with a strong sense of purpose. The leather is cut into panels and then stitched together to form an irregular patchwork. The spirit of adventure is brought to life in a luxurious new form.


Punk Professor: The Retro Rock Star

Dressed in rugged Safari Black leather with a silver studded back, the Punk Professor revives the spirit of 70s rock and roll when a new wave of punk rock bands crashed into the London music scene. Compact enough for any corner but with enough personality to be the main attraction, the Punk Professor is also available with a Safari Black leather footstool, so you can put your feet up, and your music on.