Timothy Oulton loves a literary classic, especially one made into an incredible film by Baz Luhrmann. Baz’s adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby opened the Cannes Film Festival. As you might expect, it’s an explosive piece of cinema that goes off like a pearl handled revolver. Great performances all round, but what makes our pulses quicken are the gorgeous, opulent sets.

The roaring 20s were an age unlike any other, an age of wild jazz inflected parties, unbridled decadence and good old fashioned hedonism. You can’t repeat the past of course, but at Timothy Oulton we dare to try. Not all these pieces here are inspired by the Art Deco forms of Gatsby’s day, but we guarantee they will evoke the heady feeling of attending one of Mr Gatsby’s legendary West Egg parties.

The Zazenne architectural collection has that West Egg elegance in spades. Inspired by the clean lines of Japanese architecture the range features a highly sculptural range of desks, cabinets, and lamp tables. Painstakingly handcrafted and assembled, each Zazenne piece requires many hours of labour to complete, demanding maximum levels of precision and finesse. The collection is available in two unique finishes: tavern – an all-wood finish produced from reclaimed timber salvaged from traditional Chinese doors, and steel – produced from formed metal.

If the Chrysler building were a chair, it would be the Mars chair. Polished hand moulded metal and distressed vintage leather, with lines so beautiful they could have been penned by F.Scott Fitzgerald himself.

The Odeon Collection is Tim’s modern day interpretation of those classic Venetian Glass prism chandeliers from the 1960s. Unlike typical mid century pieces, these chandeliers possess an opulence and generosity that express something of the sensibility of the Gatsby crowd, and remind us somehow of champagne, and more champagne. The fixtures have superior light dispersion capabilities due to the generous quantity of crystals drops – the large chandelier has over 380 drops, and the high grade of the optical-quality glass drops. Opulent crystal meets natural unfinished iron, available in floor lamps, table lamps and chandeliers.