Timothy Oulton is proud to present Gijs Dragt’s Plane Skin exhibition, now on show in our Amsterdam gallery. The exhibition party, on 31st October, revved up the momentum for this historic series of photographs, which show discarded aircraft of war.

Around 80 guests including aviation enthusiasts, Timothy Oulton customers, and admirers of Gijs’s work, enjoyed some tasty British fare as they perused the captivating display.

The images feature planes used during the Cold War, and suggest both an awesome rugged firepower, while simultaneously suggesting the reassurance of a delicate peace which hung in the balance throughout that period. In capturing the rusted metal fuselages, the faded painted typography and the sense of abandonment, Dragt revisits a bygone era and clearly marks the passing of time.

Gijs Dragt and Timothy Oulton share a common ground, being drawn to the past in search of inspiration, celebrating craftsmanship and an innovative design creed, and creating truly unique pieces. The aviation theme is a recurring influence in the design of Timothy Oulton; our Aviator range is inspired by the historical British Royal Air Force World War II Spitfire fighter plane.

Featuring twelve pieces on display, the ‘Plane Skin’ exhibition will continue to run until 1st  December.