The Timothy Oulton Globetrekker range is a tribute to the pioneering spirit of expeditions to new frontiers. When Tim Oulton discovered a battered old travel trunk from 1914 buried in a flea market, he was captivated. A daring project ensued to bring the authentic beauty and handcraftsmanship of the trunk back to life, reinterpreted and redesigned for today’s lifestyles. The Globetrekker range then evolved with new, innovative finishes including aluminium, leather and painted canvas to produce an entire collection of modern cabinetry, with this November marking 100 years since the original trunk was presented to its owner.

According to its brass plate mounted above the latch, the trunk was once given to a certain Tom Richards as he set off for his journey to South Africa. Thereafter, Tom Richard’s tales of intrepid travels remain unknown.

Despite its threadbare appearance, Tim Oulton saw something of intrinsic beauty in the trunk’s intricate craftsmanship and took his dilapidated treasure back to the Timothy Oulton workshops.

With Tim’s vision and energy, and many, many hours of handcraftsmanship, the Globetrekker range was born. Painstakingly handmade and finished in vintage Worn Marquee canvas, authentic details from Tom Richard’s trunk were preserved; including hand-curved wood banding, vintage-style hardware, and even the name plaque to keep the history of Globetrekker very much alive. One trunk takes a labour-intensive 72 hours to complete, while the large Globetrekker chest with drawers takes 142 man hours to craft.

Travel has transformed over the last century, and the Globetrekker range has also evolved. The original Timothy Oulton collection, reminiscent of slow luxurious sea voyages, has been reinvented in homage to modern travel and the wonder of the skies; flying off the runway with Aero, ascending into Airspace, and launching into Orbit.

Globetrekker Aero has a smooth and sleek aluminium finish inspired by military aircraft, transporting the original Globetrekker into the dynamic, modern world of travel.

Globetrekker Airspace reaches out to new limits. Completely wrapped in grey canvas and carefully over-painted, it resembles the rugged, crystallised surface of the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah – a famous site for land speed events and the landing site for the Stardust space probe’s Sample Return Capsule in 2006. A rugged reinvention of the original Globetrekker range.

Globetrekker Orbit evokes an out of this world glamour, with black wooden banding and silver polished hardware. The casing is outfitted in soft Old Saddle Black leather, distressed by hand for a worn vintage look with a contemporary air of elegance.

Globletrekker is available in a full range of cabinetry including trunk, side table, coffee table, desk, chest, bookcase and mirror. Finished in Worn Marquee, Aero, Airspace or Orbit.